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Conditions of Use


Because of Health Department regulations, we can't take returns of any toy that you have used. (Give it a bit of thought, and we know you'll agree.)

If we sell you something that is defective, please let us know. We'll be happy to replace anything that is not a good product. We do stand behind our items. We've been selling toys since 1996, and have rarely had a problem with any of them. We have never had a leather flogger returned. So we warranty all of our floggers against manufacturing defects. And we will repair or replace it if it should come apart during it's lifetime. (Which is pretty much your lifetime.)

Cane Warranty

If any cane (we do not warranty acrylic canes, but all the others are covered) breaks within six months of purchase, please let us know and we'll send you another one. Canes do break, but they should have more than a six month lifespan. Be nice, however, and don't go around hitting brick walls, dungeon furniture, or hard objects with these canes. They weren't designed for that.

Wooden paddles made by Yoyo are warrantied for life. Write Yoyo directly (If you have a problem, Domina will give you his address) and he will replace anything that is defective, or that failed in normal use. Toys that we did not make ourselves are warranteed from defects in workmanship. We will refund, repair, or replace these items depending on the circumstances. We try to be careful in selecting items that we don't personally make for quality and we expect them to last.

We really do want commentary. If you have an idea for an improvement to an item, send us an email. If we use your idea, we'll send you a new, improved product for free.

General Disclaimer

Anything you do with any item you buy from us, is your own responsibility. We don't know you, so we have to assume that you know how to properly play with these toys. If you plan to do something stupid, well, we can't give you an intelligence test. We're not responsible for ignorance or carelessness. We are telling you right now that you need to be careful with these things. Domina thinks everyone should go to a class and learn all the safety information before they play with our toys. If you don't, or if you are careless, we are telling you now that it's not our fault. You're a grownup (and if you aren't, you shouldn't be here, so go home.). Grownups are responsible for their actions and we can't hold your hand every step of the way.

We want you to know that people can be seriously hurt by misuse or careless use of the things we sell. If you aren't competent to use these things, then don't blame us if you mess up. We are selling novelties. You didn't think you were supposed to HIT someone with our toys, did you? It's just the same as if we sold you a hammer. If you bang someone in the head with a hammer, it's not our fault for selling it to you. So pay attention and use a little common sense.

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