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These days, you can buy anything at Amazon or Barnes and Noble so it's silly for us to try to compete. We just don't do enough volume on books to be able to offer the discounts that they do. However, we'd love to have you click over to Amazon from our page, and we can give you some great ideas on books to buy. That way, we both make out.

Greenery Press has always worked with real scene people to offer the best books possible. I would especially like to recommend SM 101 by Jay Wiseman. It's got so much good information that it's nearly the scene bible.

I'd also like to suggest Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns by Miller and Devon. It's not a Greenery Press book, but it's still totally wonderful.

And the Loving Dominant by John Warren will give you wonderful ideas and answer many questions you may have about what it is that we do.

Look at the books that Domina has available because she is a highly regarded presenter in the BDSM community, but also, take a look at what Amazon has to offer.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Domina and Atheris Beginning Play Piercing

Beginning Play Piercing

by Atheris and Domina Fun with sharp...


Domina The Northern California Ladies Tea and Discussion

The Northern California Ladies Tea and Discussion

by Lady Zifra, Domina, Mikey, Erich and...


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