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Fetish Bears

No, Domina doesn't make the bears. Yes, she does make all their clothing and toys. These are all one of a kind, and the top bears come with toy bags: with toys!

Domina buys the bears one at a time. Her criteria is that she has to look at it and see the inner fetish bear looking out. She has a great time making them. It's her little hobby.

Her newest toys are called Shibeari. These are smaller teddy bears, and they are tied up with satin, rat tail cord. She's getting great at bondage, but she's much better at tying up a bear than a person. These Shibeari make great gifts, especially when included with other toys. They also make clever gifts for remembering that special evening.

The prices on the bears do vary. It's a case of how much did the original bear cost, how much time and effort went into designing the costume or outfit and making it, and whether or not a toy bag is included. While Domina may design another bear that is similar to one she has made before, none are ever exact duplicates. Each bear is individually designed.

We're a little low on stock right now. We sold all but a couple of bears at Folsom. They are immensely popular. Domina has been making a few things before getting ready for her surgery, so hopefully there will be a few new listngs soon. Domina promises that she'll have more in stock as soon as she recovers from the surgeries on her right hand and wrist.

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Domina Bear Toy Bag

Bear Toy Bag

We seem to sell a certain number of toy...


Domina Shibeari


Domina started doing shibari on bears a...

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