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We all love crops. Almost everyone has one of these as a first toy.

We don't make any of these. All of them come from tack stores. We won't lie to you.

We can't sell them as inexpensively as your local tack store sells them. That's because we have to buy them and then mark them up. So we recommend that you shop your local tack store FIRST and then look at what we have.

Of course, if you don't want to go to the tack shop*, or there isn't one near you, we try to carry a nice selection.

Do not let anyone hand you the line of bullshit that you need a crop designed to be used on humans and that tack store crops are too intense for use on people. This is someone who is trying to get you to pay a huge premium for the same crop you'd buy in a tack shop, but with a new label saying it's designed for human use. Guess what? There is no such thing. Don't fall for this silliness. A crop is a crop.

We recently heard of someone having a problem with a nosy and rude clerk at a tack store. You are not required to tell anyone what you want the product for, and they can't keep asking you questions if you don't want to answer. Just tell them a relative rides and it's a gift. If they harass you, ask for the manager and complain. (Best line is, "Do I need to fill out a questionnaire in order shop here? If so, I'll go elsewhere.")

*If you ever wanted to watch a sales clerk flinch, you should have seen the nice lady who once asked Domina what kind of horse she had. Domina replied, "A horse???? I don't have a horse. These are to use on my sister's kids! The brats drive me nuts!"

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Imported Deluxe Riding Crop

Deluxe Riding Crop

Fiberglass shaft covered in nylon, with...


Imported Dressage Crop

Dressage Crop

30" long crop with a wicked cracker...


Imported Flapper Crop

Flapper Crop

Lovely split slapper added to a crop....


Imported Loopy Crop

Loopy Crop

Lovely leather crop with a heavy loop...


Imported Short Regular Riding Crop

Short Regular Riding Crop

Another basic type of riding crop. But...


Imported Hand Crop

Hand Crop

So popular, we can`t keep it in stock....


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