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We do listen, and we heard that many of you wanted toys that weren't leather! Domina got Lee working on some other things and found a few other craftspeople who worked in other mediums. So now we have toys for those of you who are vegan.

We hope you enjoy these selections.

Please make sure you note that you are Vegan on your order. That way, we'll make sure that no one left a leather cord on anything. (Some of toys that we don't make might have a leather hang cord. If you tell us you're Vegan, Domina will change it out for you so you don't have to touch it.)

If you are a vegan craftsperson, we'd love to talk to you about adding your toys to our line. Write to Domina at query at

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price+
Domina Paddle Cozy

Paddle Cozy

Purple, black, green, or red with black...

... more info

Domina and Atheris Flogger Cozy

Flogger Cozy

Soft velvet bag to keep your flogger...

... more info

Imported Chin Strap Ball Gag

Chin Strap Ball Gag

Very adjustable. Buckles at the back of...

... more info

Domina Little Emma

Little Emma

Small, light and short. These can be...


Imported Locking Ball Gag

Locking Ball Gag

Nice locking ball gag. Makes it harder...

... more info

Domina and Shep Emma Peel

Emma Peel

Named after a lady who loves canes,...


Domina Fairy Duster

Fairy Duster

At Kinkfest, Bad Attitude Fairy spread...


Domina Margueriite`s Message

Margueriite`s Message

This is going to surprise your bottom!!...


Domina and Shep Big Emma

Big Emma

30" long, and over 3/8" thick. These...


Domina Cherry Rod

Cherry Rod

Lovely, 3/8" Cherry rod. We hate to...


Domina Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

This is shorter, less full, and lighter...


Imported Short Crop

Short Crop

Rubber tip, fiberglass and plastic...


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