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Victorian Inspired

Everything here was inspired by the Victorian Era. We just love those days when caning was first referred to as "The English Vice."

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Mistress Pussy's Plaything

Mistress Pussy's Plaything

This is a nice tawse, just perfect to...


Domina Ms Lola Sunshine's Big Birch

Ms Lola Sunshine's Big Birch

Lovely, lovely birch. This is NASTY. It...

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Domina Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

This is shorter, less full, and lighter...


Domina and Shep Rubber Tawse

Rubber Tawse

Six nasty strips of rubber in a bead...

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Imported Dan's Strap

Dan's Strap

Lovely double strap that packs a wallop...


Shep and Brother Heavy English Cane

Heavy English Cane

English Style Rattan cane, 30-36" long....


Shep and Brother Light English

Light English

English style Rattan Canes 30-34" long...


Shep and Brother Nursery


Shorter, lighter versions of our...


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