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Paddles, of course, have to be in everyone's toy bag. Right now (December, 2013) our stock of wooden paddle is rather low. Yoyo, who makes most of our wooden paddles is undergoing chemotherapy for Lupus. He's just not up to making much of anything right now. We're hoping for a full recovery soon.

In the mean time, Shep is going to start making a few things, but they will be much simpler than the lovely things that we usually see from Yoyo. But they will also be less expensive. It will probably be early in 2014 before we have something to show on the website, so stay tuned.

Once you've gotten the nice, well behaved, grown up paddles, try a couple of toy stores for some cheap (and okay, they are a bit flimsy) really silly things like ping pong paddles and those things for kid ball games that have sharks, butterflies, or what not laminated on the plastic they are made of. Domina has one that's a shark...and she'll hum the theme from Jaws as she uses it. The whole thing is a bit terrifying.

New Products For July - Paddles


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