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Wood Paddles

Wood paddles are made by Yoyo, and Shep. Everyone should have at least one wooden paddle. We think ours are the best.

Yoyo makes the most beautiful and the best wooden paddles. His are one of a kind and are definitely works of art. Right now, however, he's going through Chemotherapy and he's not really able to make his beautiful things for us. Hopefully, he'll soon be well and back in his workshop.

Shep plans to start making simple wood paddles out of various hardwoods soon. We're looking forward to seeing his work.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Domina $25 Gift Certificate With Option to Upgrade

$25 Gift Certificate With Option to Upgrade

$25 Gift Certificate with option to...

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Domina Paddle Cozy

Paddle Cozy

Purple, black, green, or red with black...

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