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We make a good many of the floggers. Some are made by friends and other craftspeople.

We're procesing the photos of the new items as fast as we can. Shep has been collaborating with his brother, who is a talented wood worker, and we have quite a few new ones. Domina just bought some beautiful new wood and look for Acacia handles to debut shortly.

(Speaking of photo processing, Domina is getting a little crazed again and she's taking the photos out in her garden. We just want you to know that if something is hanging in a fruit tree, on the deck or hot tub, patio or next to the pond, the fruit tree, deck, hot tub, patio and pond are not included with the toy. Just making sure you all understand that. Domina just wants to be out in the garden now that it's stopped raining, and taking photos of the toys is a good excuse.)

Shep and his brother do all the wood turning, all of us take a turn at leather cutting to bring you our beautiful, full sized, hand made floggers. And of course, in college Shep was a physics major, so he does a masterful job of balancing the handles against the weight of the falls. We are planning to begin making some new designs that are not counter weighted or that have differently designed short handles that are designed to be held between the fingers.

Ms Megan Silver of Colorado inspired our smaller, slimmer handle design when she specified it in a custom order. We are using it in a lot of our most recently made floggers. It suits those who don't have large hands much better. Plus, due to popular demand, we brought back the original designs for handles and Shep's brother has gotten quite creative with orignal handle designs.

Keep watching for more of our beautiful things. Shep has more stuff in the works, including a few new toys that we are completing the R&D on.

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