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Domina`s Canes and Rods

Domina really does make these herself. She does have help from her girl, Meryl, and from her boy, Lee, but she really does much of the work herself. She'll also dragoon visitors to her house into working on toys. She'll even try to bribe people with her cooking--and she's a very good cook. As Meryl says, "To know Domina is to develop the skills you'll need to live in a third world country." Just be glad you don't live with her.

"Canes" are made of rattan. Anything else is officially a "rod." In the United States we tend to call them "canes" no matter what material they are. But to some of the true afficianados, to call something a cane that is NOT rattan is practically blasphemy.

We love canes and we love rods, and we're always searching for new materials and designs. For instance, we are one of the few purveyors who make rods of willow. Sadly, we are currently out of willow while we try to find a supplier.

Bamboo rods tend to crack lengthwise, so be very careful to inspect them for cracks before you use them. A crack in a bamboo cane can cut like a knife. Many people will not use them just because of their brittle nature and tendency to split. We do want you to understand that these can be dangerous and do need to be watched closely.

All canes and rods except those made of acrylic are warrantied against breaking for six months from the date of purchase in normal use. This means that if you are banging them on the wall, dungeon furniture, your mother's Tiffany Lamp, or otherwise abusing them, we're not going to replace them. If you broke it on your sweetie's soft butt, then we'll replace it. Please expect to pay the postage. Some people will tell you that this or that cane will not break. Even steel can develop stress cracks from being used. So we don't tell you that it's going to last forever. Certainly taking care of your canes will lengthen their lives, but we expect canes, especially those of natural materials to break. Domina recently broke a lovely rattan cane she has had for 15 years. The bottom it broke on, kept the cane as proof of how tough his bottom is.

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