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Synthetic Rods

All of these rods are man made materials or they are made of material that doesn't just grow. These are usually meaner than the typical natural cane. Be warned. We are not responsible if you hurt or damage someone through misuse of this implement.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Shep and Brother Brook's Beauty

Brook's Beauty

This is very limited. Domina found...


Domina Sh`Diva`s Fear

Sh`Diva`s Fear

3/16" carbon fiber. Light, strong, and...


Domina The Black Venom

The Black Venom

1/4" carbon fiber. Light, strong, heavy...


Domina and Shep Uncle Randy's Ugly Stick

Uncle Randy's Ugly Stick

That's what they call it in Portland....


Domina Carbon Fiber Set

Carbon Fiber Set

A $78 value for only $65. These are all...


Domina Big Juliet

Big Juliet

3/8" Delrin 2 1/2` long. Pure, evil...


Domina Dutchie`s Delight

Dutchie`s Delight

1/2" Black or white Delrin cane. 2 1/2`...


Domina Juliette`s Gentleness

Juliette`s Gentleness

1/4" Delrin. Almost as flexible as the...


Domina Little Juliette

Little Juliette

18" delrin, 1/4" thick. Perfect for...


Domina Juliet Set

Juliet Set

Little Juliet, Juliet's Gentleness, and...


Domina Caz`s Staff

Caz`s Staff

2 1/2` length of 3/8" poly with enough...


Domina Domina`s Darlin`

Domina`s Darlin`

Diameter 1/4" 2` in length. This is a...


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