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If you're a novice with canes, these are not really what you should be starting with. Look at the lovely rattan canes in the natural section. Those are the best to begin with.

These items can be very dangerous in the hands of the unskilled and unpracticed. This is the section for experts, only. Please be aware that if you damage someone with one of these items, we do not accept any liability. By buying something from this section, you are stating that you are have the skill and knowledge to use them properly.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Domina and Shep Tiger Rattan Baton

Tiger Rattan Baton

1" by 28" rattan baton with leather...

... more info

Domina Big Black Bamboo

Big Black Bamboo

This is just beautiful. This is...

... more info

Shep and Brother Brook's Beauty

Brook's Beauty

This is very limited. Domina found...


Domina Sh`Diva`s Fear

Sh`Diva`s Fear

3/16" carbon fiber. Light, strong, and...


Domina The Black Venom

The Black Venom

1/4" carbon fiber. Light, strong, heavy...


Domina Carbon Fiber Set

Carbon Fiber Set

A $78 value for only $65. These are all...


Domina Dutchie`s Delight

Dutchie`s Delight

1/2" Black or white Delrin cane. 2 1/2`...


Domina The Mighty Quinn

The Mighty Quinn

Named after Quinny who loves to have...


Domina and Shep Bonebreaker


Sorry about the price, but acrylic this...


Domina Le Brute

Le Brute

CAUTION--EXTREME!!!!! 3/8" Fiberglass....


Domina and Shep Craigeboy's Doom

Craigeboy's Doom

Like the smaller stainless steel rod,...


Domina and Shep Craigeboy's Fear

Craigeboy's Fear

These are stainless steel rods. Lovely...


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