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Bamboo, rattan, willow, and anything else that is grown.

These canes tend to feel more alive than the synthetics and are the best choice to start with. The "feedback" you get from them will make you better with canes than someone who started with synthetics.

For beginners, Domina recommends that you choose Emma Peel as your first cane: Most caning bottoms like rattan, it's very traditional, you get wonderful feedback, and it's a size and weight that is easy to work with.

We also have a New to Caning set for beginners that consists of an Emma Peel, a Big Emma, and a cherry cane. The Big Emma is a larger, heavier rattan than the Emma Peel. The cherry is somewhat unusual, as it's quite stiff, but it creates it's own type of sensation.

Even if you're an old hand at caning, you're likely to find some interesting wares here. And Domina really does make these herself.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Domina $25 Gift Certificate With Option to Upgrade

$25 Gift Certificate With Option to Upgrade

$25 Gift Certificate with option to...

... more info

Domina Ms Lola Sunshine's Big Birch

Ms Lola Sunshine's Big Birch

Lovely, lovely birch. This is NASTY. It...

... more info

Domina Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

Ms Lola Sunshine's Little Birch

This is shorter, less full, and lighter...


Domina and Shep Big Emma

Big Emma

30" long, and over 3/8" thick. These...


Domina and Shep Emma Peel

Emma Peel

Named after a lady who loves canes,...


Domina Little Emma

Little Emma

Small, light and short. These can be...


Domina Emma Duo

Emma Duo

A $37 value for only #32. Two of our...


Domina Emma Trio

Emma Trio

A $52 value! All three of the Emma...


Shep and Brother Heavy English Cane

Heavy English Cane

English Style Rattan cane, 30-36" long....


Shep and Brother Light English

Light English

English style Rattan Canes 30-34" long...


Shep and Brother Nursery


Shorter, lighter versions of our...


Domina English Duo

English Duo

One light and one heavy English cane....


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