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Rubber Toys

Rubber is not a leather substitute, it's a material that deserves it own place in the toy closet.

It's usually significantly more painful than anything made of leather. And it has a feel all it's own.

We include the toys made of nitrile and other synthetics in this catagory. Remember, nitrile is hypoallergenic. Being allergic to latex doesn't count with nitrile.

We make most of these items.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Domina Margueriite`s Message

Margueriite`s Message

This is going to surprise your bottom!!...


Domina Daddy Ken's Killer

Daddy Ken's Killer

We're sorry about the price, but...


Domina Alebeard`s Kiss

Alebeard`s Kiss

Nasty flogger. This one HURTS. Can be...


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