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Domina has started leaving price tags on these. She used to cut all price tags off except the one she put on them, but she got tired of people insisting she bought them at Goodwill. She doesn't. Except for a few that people give her, she buys them new from a couple of different wholesalers. And she also buys a few retail after the holiday if they strike her fancy and are on sale. Now that we have dragons, pigs, ponies, otters, cats, dogs, etc., Domina is buying quite a few retail. Her wholesalers don't have a large selection of these critters.

She does have a friend who gifts her with stuffies that give her a laugh. She gives them to Domina to see what is going to happen to them. That is why at one time we had snake shibearies. You can imagine them tied up.

Some of the more unusual things came from friends. They just want to see what will happen to the poor stuffie.

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