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Shep and Domina met in 1995. It really was love at first sight. Believe it or not, both of them had mothers who were country singers. They both hate country music.

Domina is a toy slut. She currently owns about seventy floggers. Some of her friends who are also vendors make things in green, show them to her at events, show them to Shep, and if she doesn't buy them, Shep usually will.

In their early days, they didn't have the money for all the toys that Domina wanted. Since both of them are crafty, they started making them. Since they made pretty good toys, they started selling them. Suddenly, they had a business.

A lady Domina knew suggested The Frugal Domme as a good name for the business. So in 1996 Domina learned HTML and put up a site on the web. A few years later, Kris, a friend of Domina's who lives in England, wrote their first shopping cart program. Later, Domina and Kris (okay, it was really mostly Kris) configured an OSCommerce cart. Eventually, Domina, with just a tiny bit of help from Atheris and Blackheart managed to configure this lovely new Zen Cart. She's pleased with the results, and we hope you are, too.

Over the years, some of Domina's friends who are crafters have been selling under her company name. Many of them also help her out at events. Besides doing consignment, Domina also sometimes buys stock from small crafters and does dropship arrangements. She also has recently begun buying mass produced items that she thinks are good enough to offer. She doesn't like junk, and so she's very fussy about the quality of these things. "Imported" means that they are mass produced and it may be this country or another. Funny thing, she found out that some of the items she thought were made by craftspeople were actually mass produced. This annoyed her (she doesn't like to be lied to) and so she found the original source.

Meryl and Domina fell in love somewhere around the beginning of 2007. She's not sure what, exactly, happened, but somehow Domina coerced or charmed her (with Domina it could be both) into moving into a house with Domina and Shep in Santa Rosa in 2008. Of course, to live with Domina, as Meryl is fond of saying, is to learn those skills that will fit you for a minimum wage job, or life in a third world country. She also can be seen at events running charge slips or running the cash register. Domina is tricky that way. Meryl bought her own house in 2013, but you'll still see her helping Domina at some events. Domina practices witchcraft or someone would have killed her by now.

Lots of other family and friends contribute to The Frugal Domme in various ways. Bad Attitude Fairy invented the Fairy Duster. Abra has worked on all kinds of things with everyone. Lady Cynthia has helped make all kinds of things. Yoyo has helped with ideas and techniques. Moosewapper spent a year (2014) as Domina's Apprentice and got stuck with all the crappy jobs like sanding canes. Shep's brother recently moved in (2014) and got roped in (figuratively, he's vanilla) to helping make toys. And he's come up with some ideas of his own. There are too many to list everyone who has helped and contributed over the years individually, but they are all loved and we're grateful for the help and ideas.

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