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We get a lot of traffic on our site. Many more people than those who buy from us. We have decided to offer advertising now that we have this nifty new shopping cart with all the banner ads and such.

Domina hates paying huge amounts for advertising. Most of us who cater to the BDSM community are small handicrafters, do this only part time, and $300 a month may be our profit for the entire month. So we thought we'd make it affordable. This is how we're going to do it: You send us one banner that is 130 x 130 (and you may, if you like, send us also a banner that is 480 x 70 (or somewhere in that range. We'll be happy to add the second banner at no charge because the bottom of the page where the second banner would show up isn't as good a space for advertising.) You send us (through Pay Pal, check, or charge card, $10. Domina will load them into our banner boxes, and they will rotate through at random. (Remember, the shopping cart has banners on every page, so if someone browses a few pages, it's likely yours will show at least once.) Every time a page is changed or refreshed, a different banner pops into the box. We're not going to do this by impressions (Domina doesn't know how to do that, anyway, and we do our own web work here.) It will be just by the month. We like to keep things simple. If you get more hits during your first month, then we're sure you'll come back for another month. And if you sign up for a year, we'll give you one month free. 13 months of advertising for $100. A much better deal than you get from most other companies.

One year (actually 13 months) is $100

Six months (actually six months, plus two weeks) is $55

One month is $10.

As a further incentive, we'll give you a small banner everywhere on the site we link to you. Many of you have links here and there on the site, and by putting in a banner instead of just a text link, that should drive even more traffic.

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