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We often do consignment for people who only make one product, or who don't want to take the time to sell things themselves. Domina even makes canes for consignment with other vendors. So it's not an unusual event.

For consignment, you set the selling price. We take 25% of the selling price and send the rest to you on a monthly basis through PayPal or by check, whichever you choose.

If you'd like to do consignment with us, email Domina at Send us photos, tell us about the item(s) and tell us what kind of demand you think it will have. We're always interested in new products.


If you'd like to sell your product on the Frugal Domme Website, and you want to maintain total control of your inventory, we do what is called drop ship. You again, set the price and we'll take 25% off the top, but you also will add a certain amount for shipping. (You tell us what part is shipping and what part is for the item. We don't take 25% of your shipping money.) We put the item into the shopping cart, and when the customer buys it, we notify you with their information, and we send you your part of the money through PayPal. You mail the item to the customer. Everyone makes a bit of money, and everyone is happy.

We Buy Your Item

While we all agree that this is what we'd most like to do, in reality, we just don't have the money to buy everything for our stock that we'd like to. This isn't saying that we won't buy your toys. It's just a fact of life. If you have something really great and unusual, let us know. We do buy a certain amount of our stock. We're just a little too small to be able to do a lot of that. You're most likely to get a positive response if the item you're selling is not a "big ticket" item.

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