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Shipping & Returns


We prefer to ship Priority Mail through the USPS.

If you absolutely must have your toys shipped by some other method, we'll try to accomodate you. But realize that shipping Fed Ex or UPS means that Domina will have to leave the house and drive somewhere to drop it off and pay. She hates that. She much prefers to have the mailman drop by daily and pick up the boxes.

We try to keep an updated schedule of where we're going to be on the website. If you see that we'll be at an event, please don't put down Express Mail or such on the delivery page. We don't have employees so Domina has to be here to download your order. If she's not home, things wait until she is. We're happy to ship Express Mail, but check to see if Domina is home if you're in a real hurry. One reason our prices are low is that it IS a family business.

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