Sound Advice


Over the past several week I have learned a few things about play involving the placement of “things” in a cock, well actually I have selfishly volunteered my own cock and the testing ground. This outlines some of the things I have found out. Please know that I am not in any way a trained medical professional, I have not even taken a first aid class. I am not an expert, this information is just what I have found out.

Sounds are metal rods used in the medical community to dilate urethras, male and female. Several styles are used in BDSM play. I was getting conflicting information about what the style is called that are sold by Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, CA (415-863-7798) and LeatherMasters in San Jose, CA (408-293-7660), about $20.00 at each. The store staff did not know what they were called. I found a surgical supply firm that was willing to copy several pages from medical catalogues.

The type sold and Mr. S and LeatherMasters are called Hegar Uterine Dilators and are used on women. They are 7 1/2” long, have a gentle “S” curve to them, and are two sized - that is each Hegar has one half that is larger than the other half. They come in a selection of 8, 16 size combination, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 & 17-18. I started with a 5-6. It is about the size of a small diameter drinking straw, the next size I got was a 7-8, about the size of a large drinking straw. I an now wording on the 9-10, the 9 is a nice fit - can’t do 10 yet. The 17-18 is thumb sized and I can’t even look at it.

Hegar’s can be inserted in an erect cock.

I have had some experience with Van Buren’s also. They are 11” long with a flat handle on one end, and a 90 degree bend at the inserting end. They are for going all the way to the bladder and can not be inserted in an erect cock. They come in 17 sizes - 8,10,12,14........40. Some are tapered all the way up, some get to size soon and stay the same size the rest of the way. A 22 Van Buren is about the diameter of a 7 Hegar. The buzz using the Van Buren is going through the prostrate and up to the bladder. They are not to be played with without great caution! Stop if you see ANY blood!

Dittel’s are rather like Van Buren’s without the bend in the end. I have no experience with Dittel’s but they appear to be able to work with an erect cock.

Actually Hegar’s are called dilators and the sizes are marked as 3-4mm, 5-6mm. Van Buren’s and Dittel’s are called sounds and the sizes are marked as 8Fr, 10Fr (Fr refers to French). The leather stores call them sounds and don’t know that they are Hegar’s.

Expect your first piss after play to sting, if fact after my first play I stung for a full day. Sorta look forward to it now.

If you see a little blood, STOP. If you are still seeing blood in a day or so go to the doctor. If you see allot of blood go to the doctor NOW and tell them exactly what you were doing.

Do not mix ass play with sounds play. Little things that are fine in your bum play havoc in your cock. Be very careful about cross contamination. Use your own lube, don’t use lube for sounds that might have been used for any other play, even your own.

Don’t use your sounds on others. I had a Top take a condom, fill it with a bunch of lube, place the condom - lube inside - on my cock and then use a sound on me. I did not develop any problems later - I don’t know if this is a good practice or not. It just worked for me.

The following are parts of responses I received after I requested information about the use of sounds on two list servers.

Enjoy!! Marty

they go up to a 32. You must start with the smaller ones and work up to the larger sizes. It will dilate your urethra somewhat for a short amount of time. You should return to normal. Just be aware that the longer you leave it in the bit longer it will take to return. They should be sterile, blunt with no rough or sharp edges whatsoever. Use lots of lube and clean the head of your penis with Betadine first to help insure that you do not obtain an infection

The individual inserting the sounds should wear sterile gloves but clean gloves will work also. Using lots of lube slowly...and I do mean slowly, insert the small sound...then slowly remove it and go to the next size again using lots of lube...should you feel a great deal of discomfort or pain stop immediately. Watch for blood in your urine and make sure you do not start to run a low grade fever or have pain or discomfort upon urination. If you do and it does not go away within 24-36 hours then high-tail it to your doc...... he will more than likely start you on a regimen of antibiotics... always keep the sounds sterile and do not use on anyone else please.

Take it slowly. Urethral sounds are manufactured for the sole purpose of opening urethral strictures which can develop (for a variety of reasons from just plain old age to infection scar tissue, etc.) and come in carefully metered graduated sizes. Do not try and "jump" from the one you have to a considerably larger one. Not only can you do considerable damage if you try and force it in - you just plain will *not* enjoy it.Basically, from my knowledge and personal experience, that covers it. Just don't force things too quickly. You didn't really say how deep you were getting with your sound, but if you are just stimulating and stretching the internal urethra and not getting past the prostate and into the bladder neck (which would cause the leakage/flow of urine with the small size sound you are using) then nothing really else. Just make sure it is well lubricated with sterile lubricant and properly (angle inferred) and comfortably inserted. While the medical purpose of the devices *is* to stretch the urethra as necessary to facilitate urinary flow, the procedure is done under at least a local (spinal) anesthesia, if not general anesthesia, and the doctor will go through *several* sizes of sounds in succession to achieve his goal. That is not what you need attempt to do I in a play scene. (It wouldn't be *enjoyable*.)

(used by permission of Marty)