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Ways to Entertain Yourself and Your Sub in a Hotel Room Without Your Toys

by Mistress Jet

Scenario: You are away with your SO for a period of time, be it a day or a week or more on vacation. Perhaps you are traveling with family or Vanilla friends and don't dare bring your toys, perhaps the airline "misplaced" your luggage with all your toys in it. Whatever the case you find yourself in a hotel room wanting to play so badly but nothing to play with? Think again. There are myriads of things to be found in a hotel room or through room service to incorporate in your play. 

Just think: No whip? How about a wet towel flung across the back of a willing sub for flogging, or roll up the same wet towel and (remember the locker room) cracking it across the ass of said sub, with the right precision you can make it snap just like a single tail. 

No cane? How about the lucite rod from the window blinds. (Careful not to break it though) 

No nipple clamps? In the closet should be at least one pants hanger with the clips on it that slide along a bar.

  No blindfold or gag?  Pillow cases work wonders as hoods, blindfolds, gags etc.

Want some rubber type mummification?  Take down the shower curtain and wrap your sub in it snugly.

Bondage?  Take the top sheet and put it under the mattress, pull up the corners and tie to subs ankles and wrists, mattress and weight of the sub will keep them from going far.  Or use sheets and lay your sub across the inevitable small table in the room and tie them to the base.

Getting hungry?  Order some steaks from room service, request candles for romance.   (You know what to do with the candles don't you?)  The steak knives should be nice for some knife play.  Plenty of free ice from the ice machine.

Want to force your male sub to wank for you but a bit painfully?  Try some salt from your dinner tray and mix it with the little free conditioners in the bathroom as a lubricant. (Note:  Conditioner also acts very well as a substitute for shaving gel for shaving those oh so delicate places, moisturizes the skin too).  And if you want your sub to save his cum for his dessert, there is usually a very clean and disposable shower cap in most hotel rooms, or you can get one from room service.

A lot of hotels have a leather bound folder of some sort in the room for menus or wine lists or what have you.  Might make a decent paddle for spanking.

Does your male sub like to have his cock squeezed and crushed a bit? (Who am I kidding, it's what the Domme wants right?) How about between the pages of those huge phone books with a little added pressure from the Domme. (Try to keep the book clean though, the shower cap would work here too).

Ask room service for a shoehorn, they are usually plastic and disposable. Might make a nifty speculum or anal probe, hmm?

These were just some thoughts of what one might find in a boring hotel room, as always make sure you always play safely, sanely and consensually and when you are done have your sub at least try to make the room look normal again  : )

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