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From A Reader

If your lady really does not like to use CP then here are a few suggestions, that I hope might help:

1)A really nice ten minute ice cold shower, uncomfortable to say the least but not painful as such.

2)Teasing and denying you for at least a week. If you are prone to masturbation then I would suggest a chastity device of some kind.

3)Making you come 4 times in a row one night. This can be very humbling and humiliating when your cock refuses to rise after the second or third time ;).

4)If there is a program that you really hate (i.e. neighbour's or something) being made to watch one episode all day long over and over again.

5) Restraint. She may restrain him naked in a chair while She goes about Her business, even while She leaves the home for a period of time (If She leaves, make sure that he has the ability to 'escape in the event of an emergency, but this must be evident to Her).

6) Have him wear  sanitary napkins for several days.

7)A song that you hate can be played over and over all day long too.

8)The old penny against the wall thing is good. You get a penny and hold it against the wall with your nose while raising your arms above your head for 10 minutes, every time you drop the penny you have to start all over again. Boy do those arms get tired. A milder form of CP. Severe if the time limit is expanded.

9) Having the sub/hubby go to a department store to buy lingerie for himself, requiring him to get the receipt signed
by the saleslady with a statement indicating that he told her that the clothing purchase was for him.

10) A somewhat different twist would be for him to have to buy one pair of panties in Her size one each from several different stores. The panties would have to be a specific color, style, etc., requiring him to spend a good deal of time in various lingerie departments.

11)You can go and buy her some new underwear if the thought of standing there in a lingerie shop makes you squirm. If she wanted to be really wicked then she could make you shop for some of your own ladies underwear ;), and then make you give her a fashion show later on.

12)) Requiring him to wear a girdle day and night for several days. While at home, he must come to Her for permission to use the toilet, since He can not be trusted to lower the girdle without Her supervision.

13) Requiring him to do 100% of domestic chores for a period of time, either naked or feminized in some way.

14)If you normally wear underwear yourself she could make you go for a day without it so that your cock would be bobbing about under your trousers.

15) Deny his cumming for an even longer period of time.

16) Writing. Give him an assignment where he must write a 'term paper' on why he deserves to be Dominated, humiliated, etc.

17)There is normally lots of little niggly jobs that need doing around the house but rarely get done. She could make a list and make you do them - naked.

18) Require him to 'tuck' his penis with the aid of a tight girdle for a period of time, perhaps every night for a week
including bedtime.

19) Require him to wear unattractive old cotton panties until he earns his way out of them.

20)You could go shopping with her but when you get there you have to wait in the car with no entertainment whatsoever (take the radio out) while she runs loose with your credit card and returns some hours later.

21)You could do lines. At least two hundred but each letter must be made out of different colours. Laborious and mind focusing to say the least.