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I Definitely do NOT agree with all the concepts on these sites.  I am trying to bring you a broad range of links.  Take what fits your own philosophy.  Like anything else in BDSM, there is no ONE TRUE WAY and so what works for you is likely correct.


Mistress Steel on Training Master Slave Org in the UK Slave Training Information (Gor) Mistress Christine B.E.S.T. Slave Training Male Slave Training (as a Dog)
Gorean Slave Training Kajira Training


MYBDSM 101 Ideas to Make your Slave Feel Owned Gorean Slave Information
Master Taino Sir Magick's Page LaDomaine The Slave Academy Butchmanns MS Development Center

Useful Slave Skills

I plan to add to this when I get more time.  Things like manicures, cooking, pedicures, personal services, etc.

Foot Care  All About the Home Cleaning Tips Online Cooking Class at wannaLearn. Com Napkin Folding Guide Home Facial Techniques Laundry Guide to Common Care Symbols
Auto Leather Care FabricLink's Carpet Stain Removal Guide The Northern California Ladies' Tea and Discussion Society Care of Fine China Therapeutic Back Massage FabricLink's Stain removal Guide
 How to Clean Anything Silverware Top Ten Massage Techniques Quick and Easy Stain Removal
TipKing (Housework and Such) housekeeping and Organization Reluctant Gourmet Caring for Silver flatware and Hollow ware  Learn to Give A Sensual Massage Leather Care
Butler's Guild TIDE Fabric Care