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BDSM Party Games  

(Domina did not write this.  It was obviously written by a male dominant.)

1.  Put balloons on a large board on the wall... just like the kind you throw darts at but instead of darts use a single tail to pop the balloons.

2.  Nipple Tug-o-War.  Using the tweezer type nipple clamps that are attached to a chain... one to each person (one nipple) and they pull.  Just like the chicken bone.

3.  Cock ring toss.  It would be nice if you had a live volunteer for this one, but that may not be possible.  We had a big dildo attached somehow (I didn't make the game) to a board standing there.  You had to stand behind a line and toss little plastic bracelets onto the cock.

3.  Cock weight-lifting contest - using a parachute and weights - put weights on the parachute until the man says stop.  Whoever holds the most weight wins.  This one is not as "hurtful" as it sounds.  In our game an older gentleman (60-something) won with like 27 pounds.  The parachute distributes the weight.  Looked painful to me though!  LOL

4.  Clothespin game - The MC puts on a certain number of  clothespins on a sub.  The Dom is blindfolded and then has to remove them.  He knows the number, but not where they are placed.  The Dom who does it in the shortest amount of time wins.  The sub is not allowed to speak.

5.  The money game - we used fake money spread out on the floor.  The sub is wrapped up in 2-sided sticky tape.  She rolls around on the floor for a certain amount of time (10-30 seconds).  Whoever has the most money attached to them wins.  Don't wrap her in too much tape and don't cover too much of her body.  The fun is in watching her roll around, not really in how much
money she gets.

6.  We have also done nude bobbing for apples.

7.  One we have never played, but I sure would like to if I ever found a group open enough....   Start with 10 Dom/sub couples.  The subs are blindfolded.  The men stand in a line (without their pants).  Each sub must go down the line and suck the 10 cocks (no matter how briefly).  At the end she must say which number (1-10) was her Dom.  It's not about giving a full blow job, which sometimes people seem to automatically think.  But it sure sounds fun to me!!!