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New Start For the Year

With the new year you may want to start over with your sex life. Maybe things have become stale. Perhaps you've both been too busy. It is often difficult to get things started so here are some ideas. (apologies to those of you who have seen some of this in our program)

The problem with getting it started is that it is such a dramatic change from your everyday roles.

The characters that you are in the daytime for work and family are nothing like those you have to enact. Throwing that switch for both of you is difficult.

The simplest way for you to become someone different is to make him be someone different.

Create some standing orders, or rules and regulations about his behavior. Write them down and leave them somewhere he will find them if you can't get up the nerve to give them to him.

For example, write some rules down for him say that whenever you wear certain outfits he has to kneel and kiss the hem of your skirt.

Your roles are instantly established the moment you next enter the room. He will in all probability kneel and kiss the hem of your skirt, taking it from there shouldn't be so hard.

You will enter the room with that expectation. So that if for some reason he does not do it, you should find it much easier to click your fingers and touch the hem of your skirt to remind him.

You would seem arrogant in the way he loves, because just putting on the clothes mentioned in the rules obliges him to grovel.

If you prefer to be in more conventional attire the rule might be:

"Whenever I wear an ankle chain, you must kneel and place your forehead on the floor at my feet."

Just wearing an ankle chain would turn the world on it's head.

You enter the room. He is not instantly groveling, and you are annoyed because you are wearing the ankle chain. So you click your fingers and point down towards your ankle. Or you walk over and place the foot adorned with the chain in his lap.

He can suspend reality then; he can believe that all women behave in this arrogant manner because women have the power, and men are their slaves.

If you prefer the spontaneity of no rules, then try wearing a button fronted dress with the buttons undone to crotch height.

Enter the room wearing a strap on dildo. If he doesn't take that as a signal of your dominance, then he is a strange man.

Sit down and the rubber erection will be pointing upwards in your lap. If that doesn't make you feel different, nothing will!

Try issuing your first order:

"I want a footrest, kneel down here."

The implication will be taken by him that if he doesn't obey, you might use the dildo on him.

If he is slow to obey, then threaten:

"Be quick about it or you'll be sucking cock all evening."

If you would prefer something less dramatic, try suggesting:

"Let's have a game of cards. Strip poker for a change."

No man in his right mind will refuse that.

Then announce a change in the rules of the game.

Strip Poker

He starts naked and every erection he gets is punished by slapping it with the ruler.

Add up the value of his cards to determine the strokes. In this way it doesn't matter if he wins a hand, because the chances are that making you disrobe will provoke an erection.

Since he has no clothes to bet with, he must pay a forfeit each time he loses a hand.

You can think up each forfeit as you go along, but much more exciting is to have a list of forfeits.

The list starts with something not too bad, and gets worse as he loses each subsequent hand. For example here is a sample forfeit list:

1.Look up your skirt for five minutes without getting an erection. (obviously you punish him if he gets erect).

2.Masturbate (obviously without coming), using his left hand.

3.Kiss your feet as he fucks the floor.

4.Worship you (kiss your arse) without getting an erection.

5.Stand on his head and masturbate in the corner.

6.Do fifty press-ups wearing nipple clamps.

7.Rub deep heat cream into his penis.

8.Rub aftershave into his balls.

9.Attach three clothes pegs to his balls.

10.Remove the three clothes pegs and put them on his penis.

11.Insert a butt plug in his anus.

12.Handcuff his balls to his feet.

The list can be as long as your imagination allows.

If you run out of ideas you can always make him start at the top of the list all over again.

To make the game seem fair, which is always more fun, you can also draw up a forfeit list for you if you wish.

Decide which items of clothing you are prepared to remove and head the list with them.

You probably wouldn't put your jewelry near the top of the list, as you'll probably look sexier if you remain scantily dressed while retaining your jewelry and high heels. For example:

1.Remove hair band.

2.He can sit next to you on the sofa for a kiss.

3.Remove jacket.

4.You sit on his lap for a kiss and he is allowed to run his hands over your body.

5.Remove blouse.

6.You sit on his lap for a kiss and he is allowed to run his hands under your skirt as far as your stocking tops.

7.Remove belt of skirt.

8.You sit on his lap for a kiss and he is allowed to run his hands under your skirt as far as your knickers.

9.Remove skirt.

10.You sit on his lap for a kiss and he is allowed to run his hands over your body but not inside your bra or knickers.

11.Remove petticoat/slip.

12.He can neck with you, and you will pet with him. But only your fingertips will play with his genitals.

13.He can order you to do anything he likes for him providing he has not gone beyond number six in his own forfeit list.

Thirteen, they say, is lucky for some. You don't have to put this last item in your list, but if you do it will certainly give him an incentive to play the game.

The idea of limiting it regarding number six in his list, is that you obviously don't want to find yourself ordered to suck a cock covered in deep heat cream!

Equally, his chances of getting that lucky at poker might be slim. You'll have to decide how good he is at poker.

He has a sporting chance of getting to thirteen in your list before he gets to six in his, so the game is fair!

Ask him: "Don't you agree?"