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From A Reader of WhAP Magazine

Another wonderful and delightfully evil thing to use is a " Ratchet Tie Down" set. They and can be found at most hardware stores and cost around $5.00 US. They're strong, 100lbs test webbing, comes in 15' lengths and comes with a quick automatic release. And as the package states... "Safe Secure & Tight". (Hmmm.. I wonder if the package design folks were a bit kinked??.. just a thought..). There are two strong 'S' hooks on both ends of the ratchet.

The first step that we took was to trim down the length of the strapping. We cut ours down by 6' or 7'. This is necessary because this unit is used to tie down stuff across a bed of a pickup truck and therefore when ratcheted tight, only a small quantity of the strapping is rolled into the device.

I have used this toy in both a standing position and a horizontal position. (tied down on a bondage table). I attach one end to the overhead spreader bar (Trapeze) and hooked the other end to Whackee's (my male sub) parachute. And then the fun begins. After taking out all the slack and pulling his balls and/or cock taunt, I begin to use the "click click" sound that the ratchet makes, as means of applying the "mind fuck". With the sub securely tied in place I begin to tighten the strap. Every time the handle is moved, it clicks. Loudly. And if they're blindfolded, it's amazing how LOUD that click sounds!! With each click, I tell the sub that I think that he could take two or three more clicks. The fun thing is that the first couple of clicks is the handle going back into place..... NO movement. The sub lays there and thinks to himself "Ah. This is a piece of cake!!" but then the 3rd click comes ... CLICK... and all of a sudden somebody loses their breath. They are so surprised and of course by this time, I'm laughing my butt off!!! ( After all, I'm called the Dominatrix of Fun!!). The techy info is that the first two clicks are the handle going into the UP position; the next two clicks are the handle winding the strapping.

I keep tightening and pulling until he begins to think that I'm going to rip off his balls and cock right from the base and leave him a stub!! They are fully extended; their balls trapped in the parachute, turning into a lovely shade of red or purple. The scrotal sac is pulled tight.. Amazing how much skin there really is!!! At this point, you can then bring out your favorite crop or leather slapper and GENTLY tap along the sides of the taunt skin. Be damned careful to not hit them very hard. You can also LIGHTLY drag your fingernails over their balls.. again be careful!!! At this stage damage is easily inflicted if one uses too heavy a stroke against the scrotal sac or scratches the testicles too deeply. Moderation MUST be the order of the day. In my opinion.

The best part about this toy is it's ease of use. Putting it on is very easy and taking it down, even quicker. It has a one touch safety release that will reduce the pressure immediately.


Jay suggests:

I had a related experience once which accomplished much the same thing though the pressure on my balls was completely under my "control" - as the dom explained it. It was one of those arrangements with feedback (the best kind) in which the dom held the reins - so to speak. A noose (or parachute for that matter) was on my balls. The attached rope went around the leg of a heavy table  across the  

room from where the dom sat in a low bean-bag type lounge. She held the other end and could control the tension on my balls. I was kneeling, facing her, with my hands bound behind me - and, of course, my balls being stretched from behind by the tension on the rope. I was invite to inch my way across the room and feast on the delights of her waiting pussy which was beckoning. Obviously she could control my progress across the floor space that separated my lips from hers. The verbal encouragement was seductive and punctuated by her equally tempting body language. She would let me gain a little ground, then tighten up the rope - even forcing me to back up sometime. The last few feet were excruciatingly painful and the final few inches terrifying as I tried desperately to reach her. You can't imagine what YOU are capable of subjecting YOURSELF to under the circumstances! And the power trip for the dom is exquisite, to say the least.