What I Have Learned 

by Barney


1. Having fun is the top priority.
2. If you can't have fun, at least learn something.
3. Treat each member of the community as if they were a member of your family, which in a very real sense they are.
4. Know and understand that even the best of friends argue, bicker and insult each and still love them.
5. Even in the midst of chaos, there's still a teacher teaching and a student learning.
6. To know someone is to love them. Get to know someone.
7. If at first you don't succeed . . . and never give up. Even a one percent return on cold calls is considered good in some industries.
8. This too shall pass.

I love being part of this scene. Here's hoping I'm
good enough.
-- BT

Barney, I think you are a sweetie.





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