The top twenty reasons why it's nice not being submissive anymore

Written by Pam and Corri


20. You throw away panties when they don't have crotches.
19. You actually have clothespins to hang up the clothes.
18. You can put the maid and the pony costumes away until next Halloween.
17. You don't care anymore whether or not your breasts are 'perky'.
16. When someone slaps handcuffs on you, you ask to make a phone call.
15. When you go to the hardware can really concentrate on hardware.
14. You can quit snickering when the kids come home complaining about their sub.
13. Your friends can actually read your screen when you are online.
12. You have no reason to go to SOMA ever again.
11. You can be late for dates again!
10. You can finally wear the underwear that Mom bought you.
9. When you drive by the sub shop you don't wonder how it feels to be sold.
8. When the doctor asks where that bruise came from you can honestly answer "I have no idea!"
7. You can let that itchy hoochie hair grow out.
6. You don't have to worry that when your boss barks at you that you will answer "Yes, Master!!"
5. No more trying to hold your breath while kissing someone's feet after they have worked all day.
4. At dinner you can dig right in and take the last pork chop.
3. Never having to hear the word 'Kajira' again.
2. No more telling your friends you have been gardening when they see your knees.
1. You get to look straight into your lover's eyes again.

(And tigerann's additions)

21. You have a *lot* less laundry to do now that you *wear* panties again.
22. You order in restaurants and don't feel rude by not speaking to say "Thank you" when someone serves you.
23. You can cross your legs or ankles when you feel like it.

*blatantly* crossing her legs!

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