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The True Sub


By Al from a Frenzi Posting

The TRUE sub uses ballast to achieve negative boyancy whereas the submersible maintains slight positive boyancy and uses the thrust of its propulsion system to drive it undersea.

The crew of a true sub may plumb to greater depths and, in danger, may shut down all propulsion systems in order to avoid detection and the nonconcentual naval piercings which may result.

However, with the failure of all power systems the true sub is bound to remain submerged. Its crew must be willing to engage in serious breath play.

On the other hand, should all power and control be lost, the submersible will most likely rise to the surface. Because it's motors must be running in order to remain submerged, it is more likely to be outed in a confrontation however.

It is ironic that the submersible is usually more ready to surrender to a superior than the TRUE sub.


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