Meet Our Staff

  1. Domina
  2. Lady Cynthia
  3. Feynman
  4. Atheris
  5. DommeZilla
  6. Leatherbutt


According to Feynman Domina is a class act. She has an exceptional memory, and is seriously smart, in a really seriously smart sort of way. She is beautiful, and has the sort of charisma that often makes the eyes of those she talks to glaze over, and they often seem to reflexively start to nod and agree with what she has to say...fortunately she is most often right, and at the minimum is logical and reasonable, so little harm is done, and probably a lot of good She is an absolutely stunning amalgam of honesty and arrogance. And she is totally convinced that there is only her way and the wrong way. There is no chance that anyone here is going to try to talk her out of anything she wants to say or do. She does, however love new toys, so giving her toy suggestions and ideas is a great way to keep her in product testing and out of our hair while we run things. Speaking of hair, Domina has all the most commonly rumored attributes of a redhead.

Domina was the child of typical middle class parents who sent her to private school as soon as she was old enough to read, which in Domina's case was about age three. During the early seventies, she participated in protest marches and civil demonstrations (oxymoron?) and was heavily involved in idealistic movements. Practically the quintessential hippy chick. At some point, her parents divorced, and her mother remarried DommeZilla's father, thus supplying Domina with a stepsister who was everything that Domina disdained. They have never been close.

Eventually, like most of her generation, Domina became a typical yuppie. She still remained interested in truth, justice and avoiding high prices. So opening a place like the Frugal Domme is a sort of dream come true.

Lady Cynthia

Often referred to as "The Frugal Auntie,"  Lady Cynthia is a hard act to follow.  She's the daughter of Lady Mary, the "Den Mother" of the Modesto Discussion Group.  She probably knows more about BDSM most people because she's been doing it for so long--close to 30 years.  Domina depends on her for her sanity, common sense, and down to earth advice.  Lady Cynthia looks like a nice, middle aged lady, but she can make Domina look gentle.  She runs the Modesto Discussion Group and teaches classes in just about everything.  Her daughter is Atheris who prodommes at FantasyMakers.  

Lady Cynthia co-founded the Modesto Group with Domina and they have been inseparable buddies for years.  She's the person who keeps things going at The Frugal Domme.  Without her support and advice, nothing would ever get done.  She does the leather braiding, makes the practice single tails, and often finds us new products.  


Feynman is the ultimate guysub according to Domina. I've always found this a strange assertion since she keeps him locked in the basement most of the time, but it is the truth that they are a devoted couple. Contrary to appearances, Feynman is quite bright, and it is his ideas that keep the Frugal Domme in new products. He spends a lot of his free time surfing the web and calling companies on the phone and getting technical info since Domina has a computer and phone set up for his use in the basement. She absolutely adores the guy, and will go on about him for hours to anyone who gives her a conversational opening, as I know from personal experience. Strangely, most of the dommes who associate with Domina have become so convinced of Feynman's worth, that Domina could come up with a tidy sum if she could figure out how to clone him.

Feynman was the child of an itinerant tinker and his wife who was a bag lady. His father had great difficulty in supporting his family since tinkers are not exactly a twentieth century phenomenon. His father deserted the family when Feynman was just five, and Feynman's mother, before running off with a wino, left him on the doorstep of Bruce Wayne, eccentric millionaire (with whom she had had a brief fling before Feynman's birth......hmmmmm.....something MORE than meets the eye there, perhaps.). Since Feynman was not the type to play Robin to Wayne's Batman, Wayne had him fostered in the home of Dr. Frank N. Furter, his friend who was a (mad) scientist. In this bizarre household, Feynman was exposed to scientific and intellectual stimulus that would make a sailor blush. But he DID absorb the rudiments of the knowlege that would help him make the Frugal Domme a success for his beloved, Domina.

Domina and Feynman met one day when Domina was in Yosemite trying to get away from it all. Feynman blundered into her tent while being chased by an angry squirrel. He was never quite clear on either why he was in the park, or why he was being chased by a rodent. Domina, however, was fascinated by this strange, weedy guy who could explain fractals to her, and took him back home when she left the park. One thing led to another, and they seem to be living happily ever after.


Atheris is Domina's niece and Lady Cynthia's daughter.  She prodommes at FantasyMakers and while she is young, she was taught by Lady Cynthia and Domina.  It doesn't get any better than that.  

She is the volunteer coordinator and assistant head of FantasyMakers Academy, and often teaches classes there.  She has a really good knowledge of anatomy and was taking premed classes.  She's also been trained as a phlebotomist.  

Atheris is very creative in many domestic and artistic talents, too, and is responsible for our floggers in conjunction with Feynman.  She also makes puppy treats, puppy paws, and other products.  She lives with her sub in the bay area.


DommeZilla is a world class shopper. Unfortunately, she tends to disdain bargains. She does have excellent taste, as she will tell you over and over again while deriding yours. DommeZilla is the domme most likely to be looking at implements with an eye to how well they go with her bedroom or how they accessorize with her costume. Function and quality are not quite as high on her list of priorities. We suggest that you don't play with her, because while she is more or less the epitome of the fantasy domme in looks, her actual skills are rather meager. But if you want a dream domme date, DommeZilla in a cat suit with spike heels and some very pretty whips at her belt is a sight that most guysubs will drool over.

DommeZilla is our bookkeeper and occasional artistic advisor. She is aware of every nickel that goes into and out of our account. We don't, however, allow her to write checks. Remember, shopping is her nemesis.


 Leatherbutt is DommeZilla's devoted and long suffering sub. Leatherbutt has been declared human by several doctors, but Domina is still a bit unsure about this issue. Leatherbutt has his soubriquet due to years of DommeZilla beating him brutally with toys, and not being aware that nerve damage is likely when you don't know your anatomy before you play.

When it comes to sheer brute strength, Leatherbutt is our boy. He does most of the scut work and heavy lifting around the Frugal Domme shop. We also let him package orders since he loves to go to the postoffice. So if your order is not what it should be, blame Leatherbutt. We generally charge extra for the drool marks,so if you got some for free,you should feel honored