DommeZilla's Tips on Decorating and Accessorizing With D/s Implements

Hi, I'm DommeZilla, and I want to talk to you about the importance of making sure that you're projecting the right look when you play in public or when your sub sees your dungeon for the first time. Domina is writing all sorts of stuff for this page, and I wanted to at least give an opinion where it counts. Always look on your toys as accessories, no matter what else you plan on doing with them. Domina buys her toys by looking at the way that the floggers will move when she uses them. *I* look first at how they will match toys I already have or how they will look on the belt of an outfit I have or want to buy. Looks are important. A domme who doesn't have her makeup and hair done regularly, loses credibility. Looks are important to men. A guysub wants a domme who LOOKS like a domme. Black leather, spike heels, makeup.......these are the important factors. If you look good, he'll overlook the fact that you might be less skilled with your toys. After all, pain is what they WANT isn't it? If you wrap a flogger a little on the guy, he'll forgive it if you are the prettiest domme he's ever seen. And that is another thing. You CAN'T use a purple flogger if you wear green leather, or vice versa. Toys HAVE to match your outfit. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This is easier if you choose one color, traditionally black, to wear when you are playing. I like to have all my toys in purple and feminine, don't you know? And so I wear either black or purple. Domina likes green, but she actually will play with a sub when she's wearing denim. And she lets Feynman see her in red flannel Ohio State sleep shirts with her hair a mess. PUH-leeze. The woman is making a BIG mistake. I could take him away from her in no time.

Unmatched toys look very tacky. Domina's toy bag looks like the pickings of a bag lady. She even has wooden spoons in there. And dimestore clothespins. Buying pretty toys is important. You want to LOOK feminine while you flog. Everything should match and harmonize. And your dungeon is just as important as the people in it.

Domina ties Feynman right to her old iron bedstead or in the doorway and her curtains will even let in sunlight, which I would think would totally RUIN the mood. Your dungeon should be in black and be scary. Track lighting is good with dimmers. And the toys on the wall are again, an important part of the decor. If you have the choice of buying a high quality flogger, but it's not in your color, or a lesser quality flogger that will look dynamite on your wall, choose the one that matches.

Dungeon toys should be good, scary, and effective. Chains on the walls are good. Black is a good color for most items. Dungeon walls can be any color, but wallpaper spoils the effect and is hard to wash blood out of. Everything in your dungeon should be washable. Your dungeon should have a color scheme. Black, grey and a primary color is good. Just using your old junk and recycling is bad.   Have a garage sale and get stuff in your NEW color scheme.  You should have lots of racks on the walls for toys. And show all your lovely matched stuff.

Domina and Feynman make lovely things to hang on walls or on your belt. I think you should buy some, so I can go shopping.

(The opinions expressed by DommeZilla are definitely her own and have no relations to any opinions expressed by anyone on the Frugal Domme staff or ownership. Sorry, she's Domina's step-sister, and we have to put up with her)


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