Growing Up

Jill lay there for a moment after he finished, waiting for The Question.

“How was it,” Jim asked?

“Great, as usual,” she lied.

“It was for me too. God I love you,” Jim said. I wish we could do it more often.

“With both of us working...”

“Shush. I know. Just a wish.” Jim kissed her, and began to cuddle.

This, at least, was nice, she thought. Life did not have to revolve around sex. There was companionship, security, friendship. Probably stories about great sex were exaggerations, like breasts on pin-ups.


“It was the most fantastic sex I have ever had,” Susan said. “I finally had to kick him out of bed just so I could get some sleep.” Jill looked at her friend with exasperation. “What?!” she said.

 “Its always the best for you,” Jill said angrily.  “‘The best fuck you ever had!’ Why do you say that?”

 “Cause its true. Its always the best ever. Why? Things a little slow on the home front?”

 “Never mind.”

 “Jill, I know you. Give! What’s the problem?”

 “I just never enjoy it like you do. Maybe I should have had sex before I married Jim. With us it was never fantastic, but it was ok. Now its not even ok.” Jill looked at her plate, and pushed around a leaf of lettuce. “Maybe its me.”

 “Look, I gave you hell for not being a player in college. But that’s no big deal. Everyone has to start somewhere. If Jim’s not your boy, then get a new one, and start over. There are plenty of dogs in the pound, so to speak.”

 Jill was honestly shocked. “I don’t want a divorce! We’re great. Everything but the sex, I mean.”

 “Look, maybe it is you. Or him. What do you guys do?

 “We have sex. We used to more often, but you know, its just not that exciting.”

 “Uh huh. So, you do what? Lay there and let him poke you?”

 “I wouldn’t put it like that!”

 “How would you put it?”

 Jill stared at her plate again. “Its just not fun.”

 “God Jill, when is the last time you had an orgasm?”

 “A year ago, I think.”

 “A year!? You THINK!?”

 Jill sat in embarrassed silence, then softly began to cry. “Hey. Hey, stop it,” Susan said. “I’m here for you. We just have to find out what turns you on, and go with it.”

 “Nothing does. Its me.”  

Susan looked at her friend, shaking her head. “I don’t believe it. I have known you for a long time, kid, and I don’t believe it. You have always been a slow starter. We just need to get you going.”

 Jill laughed, sadly, and said, “Catholic school tends to do that.”

 “So tell me about the last time you know you came. What were you doing?”

Jill played with her salad some more. “I was being kind of bad. He was asleep, and I began to kiss him. You know, all over. When he got hard, I, ah, kind of sat on him.”

 Susan smiled. “Nice. Then what?”

 “We just fucked like that for a while, and I came.”

 “So what was Jim doing?”

 “He woke up.”

 “I bet he did.”

 Jill blushed again, “And kind of held onto the headboard for support.” Jill closed her eyes, and tried to recall the moment. Her voice became husky, “I leaned into him, holding onto his arms, and we made love really fast. Not done fast, I mean we fucked fast. Then I came, and I rolled over so he could finish.”

 Susan just looked at her friend for a moment. “And what did Jim do?”

 “He came too. He always does.”

 “My god,” Susan said. “I would never have guessed. You’re a dom!”

 “I am NOT! I am a devout Catholic!”

 “And I am a devout coward. Jesus! What does being Catholic have to do with it? Where do you think little Catholics come from?” Susan shook her head, and continued, “Seriously, you need to take another look at Catholic history.” 

Jill giggled. “A devout coward?”

 “I was making a joke,” Susan dead panned. “Actually, I am an atheist. But I am thinking of becoming a Tantric.”

 “What’s that?”

 “Look it up. Better yet, someday I will introduce you to it.” Standing up, Susan said, “Come on. I want to show you something.”

 Two hours later, Jill protested, “You have got to be kidding. I could never do that!”

 Jill was pointing at a drawing of a naked man being tortured on a rack. “That is fantasy,” Susan said. “But I bet you could do that!” and pointed to the drawing next to it.

 Jill looked at the drawing of a man, tied to a bed, while a woman rode his cock, threatening him with a riding crop. “Well.....” 

“Ah huh. Take a look at the cover.” Jill looked at the magazine. “This is a men’s magazine. Guy’s love this stuff. Or at least many of them do. Look around.” Jill looked around the adult bookstore Susan had dragged her to. Except for the young woman with the English accent who had helped them, all the people in the store were men. She noticed that several of the men were stealing glances at them, one obviously working up courage to come over and say something. Susan, noticing the same thing, said, “Come on.”

 Out on the street the women continued to talk. “I don’t think I can do all that,” Jill said.

 “You don’t have to do all of it. Just the parts you like. Start slow. You know you would anyway. Let his reaction–and yours–guide you.

 “Ok, then how do I start?”

 “Same as before. You start it. Wait until he is in bed, then start kissing him. Don’t let him roll you over. Just stay on top, and when you are ready, mount him. And Oh!”


 “What do you guys wear to bed?”

 “He sleeps in his underwear. I wear a nightie. Why?”

 “Perfect. Don’t you wear any panties. When you are ready, and he is good and hard, slip off his shorts, and mount him. Leave your nightie on though. That way he will be naked, and you won’t.”

 “Why shouldn’t I be nude?”

 “Naked, not nude. I mean ‘vulnerable’, not ‘without clothes.’ He should be naked, you should have some clothes on.”

 Jill thought she understood. She was still embarrassed by the whole topic, but the excitement that had begun when Susan talked about how she should have sex continued to grow, and she had long since decided to give it a try.


“How was it,” Susan asked?

 Jill turned a deep crimson. “I did it!”

 “And did you cum?”

 “I said I DID it,” smiled Jill, turning an even deeper red.

 “And what did Jim think of it?”

 Jill began to chuckle. “He came twice. He would not let me get off of him. It was the best sex we have had, ever!”

 “Well don’t stop now, girl! Where are you going from here?”

 “I was thinking that this was far enough.”

 “No. No way. You both like it now, but later it will be the same boring shit that made you cry last time. You are both in a mood to explore, so do it!”

 “Ok, if you are so smart, where DO I go from here?”


“Are you sure he can’t get out of these, Amy,” Susan asked? The girl with the English accent replied, “My boyfriend hasn’t been able to. And I have given him lots of incentive to try.”

 “And he LIKES it!?” Jill asked? “You do this often?”

 “As often as I want, which is pretty often. Up to several times a week. He probably would want to do it more, but I have to give him time to recover,” Amy replied.

 “From fucking him?”

 “From me beating the shit out of him.”

 “Wha...?” Jill began to stammer.

 “Another day girl,” Susan said. “Another day.”

 “So how do I spring this on him? I mean, do I whip it out over dinner, or what?”

 “Why not send it to work. Put in a note telling him when to be home wearing them. If I am right about him, he will get off work early to meet you. Only,” Susan continued, “You don’t come home early. You come home on time.”


“Mr. Jeffors?”

 “Yes Grace?”Jim replied.

 “A package came for you.”

 “Well, deal with it.”

 “I think its personal.”

 “Well bring it in then!”Jim rudely broke the connection. “Damn, that girl is strange at times,” Jim thought.

 Grace came through the door carrying a plane brown box. With a terse look, she set it down on the desk, took out four leather cuffs and an open envelope marked ‘INSTRUCTIONS’, and set them next to the box. “Will there be anything else, sir?”

 Jim Jeffors just sat and stared as his secretary left his office.


“I did it!” Jill said.”It worked just like you said.”

 “Tell me about it,” Susan said excitedly.

 “He was there when I got home, and really pissed. I guess his secretary opened the box.”

 “No way!”

 Jill laughed. “He was still embarrassed! He tried to tell me not to do that, but I just cut him off. I told him that if he did not want them, to throw them out. I told him I was not interested either.”

 “What did he do?”

 “I made him beg for over an hour before I let him put them on. Then I made him keep them on all night. I even made him wear the ones on his legs to work, under his pants!”

 “I love it. So how long did he eat you out?”

 Jill again got red faced, and poked her plate with a fork. “We have never done that,” she said shyly.

  Susan sat in stunned silence. “Girl, I don’t know if I should envy you or pity you. You don’t known what you’ve missed. But, oh man, what you are going to find out!”  

Jill looked on, obviously confused, and Susan answered her unspoken question. “Look. Next time, tell him to kneel and beg. Then, as long as he is down there, put him to work!”

 “I don’t know how!” 

“Well, either does he. Let him know what you like, and what you don’t like. He will get the idea. You know,” Susan mused, “It works best if there is some kind of threat of punishment.” She looked at her friend and smiled. Jill began to blush again. 


Amy greeted her when Jill entered the store. “So, what would you like to look at today? More cuffs?” 

“I already have a complete set,” Jill said with puzzlement.

 “Honey, there ARE no complete sets. You imagine it, it can be had. I even have some toe cuffs here. Anyway, what do you want?”

 Jill blurted out, with a touch of exasperation, “That dink of a husband of mine can’t figure out where my clit is. He either is real dumb, or is acting that way. Either way I told him to get it right or I would beat the crap out of him.”

“So, is he waiting patiently for you at home?”

 “I doubt it. I left him tied face down to the bed.”

 “You didn’t leave him alone, did you?”

 “No. He thinks he is. I wrapped a towel around his head, and left. But I called Susan to sneak back in and watch him. He will think he has been alone the whole time.”

 “Cool. I will have to try that trick. So, what do you want?”  

“Something to spank him with. What have you got?”

 Amy just smiled, and pointed. Over the next two hours Jill learned more about implements of pain than she ever knew existed. After a bit, she covered her head with her arms and screamed, “Argghh!!! Ok. Let me get this straight. These,” she pointed at a collection of paddles, “are more for spanking, and these,” she pointed at a collection of whips and crops, “are more for whipping.”

 “Right,” Amy said.

 “And they all hurt, though some more than others.”

 “Right again. If you want to play, and are not really into pain, any one of these will do the trick.” She pointed at a small collection. “If you are serious, then one of these are better. Especially this one. It’s nasty!” Amy held up a two and a half foot long, very thin crop. All but the last six inches was leather bound fiberglass. The last part was braided leather. “This one will do anything, but it can really hurt someone if you want it too.”

 Jill thought for a moment and said, “I want this one,” picking up a heart shaped paddle that had fur on one side. “And I want the nasty one too.”                                             

 “Now,” Amy said, “Lets talk about hoods and gags.....”


Jill released her hold on Jim’s ears, falling back on the couch, panting heavily. “Damn, that’s good! But you’re still doing it wrong!” She looked at her watch, “That took you 16 minutes.” She quickly did the math, “That’s a total of 38 minutes, which means 38 hits.” Leaning forward, she grabbed him by the hair, and tilting his head back, said, “I am serious: if it takes longer than 60 minutes to give me my fifth orgasm, I will double the amount. That means I will whip you at least 120 times.” She stroked his cheek with the back of her hand. “But you know that. You know I will. Is that what you are after? You want me to beat you harder, beat you longer? Do you want three hits for every minute? Four?” Releasing his head, she slapped him, hard. Jim fell back and landed on his bound arms. “I think you do want that, and never mind if it would damage you permanently. I swear sometimes it’s a good thing that I look out for you. Another mistress might be stupid enough to give into you.”

 Jill reached for the tote-bag that was never far from her anymore. “I have been approaching this all wrong. You think of the beating as a reward. You don’t need a reward.” Jill laughed at the expression on Jim’s face. “Don’t worry love. I am still going to beat you. And afterward you may think better of asking for more than you can handle. But for now you need an incentive.” Reaching into the bag she took out two alligator clips. “Its amazing how much this bag holds,” she thought. “And who would have guessed the uses you can make of common household items.”

 Jill helped Jim up to a kneeling position between her legs, then place first one, then the other alligator clip on each of his nipples. Jim started yelling in pain. Watching him squirm, she said, “Those are small, but they really hurt.” She held his head by his ears, and tilted it back. “I am going to leave those on till I cum. Then when I do, I am going to take them off, and rub the blood back into your nipples. The longer it takes, the more it is going to hurt when I do that. And then we do it all over again. Do you understand?” Jim nodded vigorously. Pulling his head back between her legs, she said, “Oh. And I am still counting minutes.”


“Grace? This is Jill. Unless its an emergency, Jim will not be able to make it in today.”

 “No, nothing much is going on today. Mr. Jeffors had cleared his schedule for the rest of the week to work on evaluations.” 

“And he doesn’t have to be there for that?”

 “He never has before. He usually schedules a golf outing while I am putting them together, and then he signs them before I pass them on.”

 Jill was silent for a moment, realizing that her husband might not be a model boss any more than he was a model husband. Grace took the opportunity to ask, “What have are you doing to him?”

 Jill remained silent for a moment longer, realizing that Grace had guessed hers and Jim’s new relationship. “He pissed me off,” Jill said, “so I have him hanging from a rafter in the basement. If he did not need to be in today, I was going to give him a good beating, and have him ready for work tomorrow. But since you don’t need him till Monday, I can be even more severe.”

“Can I ask you a favor? Can you give him a few for me...” 

“I was planning on it”

 “...and let him know it was from me” Grace asked eagerly?

 Jill smiled. “I will come up with something special. Something he won’t soon forget. In fact,” Jill said excitedly, “I will make certain he tells you about it. And shows you! You can tell me if he doesn’t do it!”

 Grace thought for a moment, and replied, “Do you mind if I give you a report anyway? Weekly?” 

Jill laughed again. “Girl, I like the way you think. Why don’t you come over for dinner? You can bring any work you want him to get done, and he can begin the process of apologizing to you.”

 “I can be there at six!” Grace said excitedly. “Do you want me to bring something? For us, I mean, or him?” 

“Anything you want, Grace. We have everything we need here. But I am always open to new ideas.”


Jim looked over the document carefully. Looking up at his wife, he asked, “Are you serious?”


 He began to read it again. The document was titled, ‘Defining Our New Relationship’, and it was carefully laid out by section. ‘Responsibilities’; ‘Required Duties’; ‘Consequences’; It even had a list of demerits, and an alphabetized index punishments that would expunge them. Going down the list, he began to pale.

 “Some of those you had better hope we never get to,” Jill said evenly.

 Jim noticed that ‘Weekly Beatings’ was listed under ‘Required Duties’, right after , ‘Washing Clothes’. He turned back to the front cover, and looked at the place for his signature. He began to ask why there was no place for her to sign, then stopped himself. He already knew the answer.


Susan sat, watching Jeff in the corner. No matter what she and Jill discussed, no matter what they said about him, he continued staring at the wall. “I think he is asleep.”

 “He wouldn’t dare.” Jill replied. “You know, he did that once, and I really lost it with him. Grace had to cover for him for a week. She really lectured me about it too; I think she was concerned that I might kill him next time.” Jill waived her hand in the air. “No real harm done, but I am glad she watches out for him.”

 “So, does she still come over for her weekly ‘apology’,” Susan asked?  

“Yes. It has gotten to be quite a ritual. I even let her have him for a week.” Jill half smiled, “And let me tell you, I had to lecture her.” Jill looked seriously at her best friend. “Its a funny relationship. But it works, you know?”

 “I guess.”

Jill looked a question at Susan. “Jim-boy. Get your leash,” she said.

 Jim got on his hands and knees, and crawled to the kitchen. In a moment he returned with the leash in his mouth. Jill bent over, and snapped it around his neck. “Lets take him for a walk, she said.  

Susan followed Jill out into the back yard. “Its nice that you have these hedges,” she said. “No one can see you walking around the yard.”

 “Yeah. Its nice to be able to humiliate him out of doors. If we kept our play inside he might think he still has some control. Of course we do some things in public, but nothing that would get us in trouble.” Jill reached down and petted Jim’s head. “I can’t thank you enough for getting me started. Every day the sex is the best I have ever had.”

 “You said that already,” replied Susan.

 Jill looked at her friend. “Ok, what’s wrong?”

 “Nothing. Sorry. Just hit a dry spell. It will pass.”

 Jill gave her a wry smile, and said, “What, trouble on the reservation? What ever happened to Ms. ‘Best Sex Ever’?”

 “Don’t go there. Its been downhill since you and Jim blew past me in the fast lane.” Susan reached down and traced her fingernail down a deep red mark on Jim’s back. He kept from making a sound, but she could see it took effort. “I wish I could find someone like your puppy dog here.”

 “Something will come up. But till it does, how about something really different?

 Susan looks intently at her friend. “What are you suggesting?”

 “Oh, nothing,” Jill said. She paused, then continued, “I looked up the word ‘Tantric’.”

 “Did you now!”

 “Ya. And I was wondering, what do you think of the two of us trying to wear Jim-boy out? Things have been a bit complacent around here as of late, and its been a while since I really scared the shit out of him.”

 “I’m listening....”

 “He has off all next week. And if you could get away for any part of it...Well, we could show you what I had him build in the basement.”

 “You don’t say. How about inviting that friend of yours from the adult store?”  

“Amy? She’s a bit tame for my taste. But Jim-boy likes her.” Jill giggled, “Let me tell you what happened last time she was here....”

 Jim slowly crawled behind the two woman as they walked back to the house. If he had a tail, it would have been wagging.                                                                                                

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