Sheri ran to the infirmary as soon as she heard the news. Grabbing the doctor, she almost yelled, “how is Jennifer?”

 “She’s ok. Mad. Apparently her bottom was doing a great job, and she let her guard down. He got her pretty good across the vulva, and tore a part of her labia. But she is ok. Just sore, and I am sure a lot more cautious. She’s in there if you want to see her,” said the doctor.

 Sheri walked into the room, a bit less scared, and quite a bit sheepish at how scared she had been. But her affection for Jennifer showed as she walked quickly to the side of the bed where Jennifer was laying back. Jennifer looked up, and said with mock seriousness, “who died?”

 “I was afraid it was you. Now I think its just him.”

 “You’re not serious!?”

 “No. I will just make him wish he was. How did you let this happen?”

 “I got careless. I grinding away on his face, and he was doing a great job. I started twisting his ears to make him scream as he was eating me….and I guess I twisted too hard. And he bit me.”

 “He bit you. I’ll make sure that son-of-a-bitch never bites anyone else!” Sheri looked at her friend, wearing an odd sort of smile. “Want to watch?”

 “I would not miss it for the world. You know how much I love to see you work. And I want this one to be special.”

 “It will be,” Sheri said, as she helped Jennifer down off the bed. Jennifer winced as she stood up, and Sheri snickered softly. “But I don’t think you will be playing with your self like you normally do.”

 “Just you watch,” Jennifer replied.

 The two women walked to the punishment room, and looked up and down at the man strapped to the table. He was young, still in his twenties, and good looking, but well marked. Sheri recognized him as one of the newer boys that had recently been caught. She had used him, but only lightly. As far as she knew, this was his first serious offence, and she had never been asked to really punish him. She let her hand trail lightly down his naked body, and smiled. The young man though it meant that she was pleased with him, and began to get hard. He looked up at her and moaned softly. 

“That feels good,” he said.

 “Does it,” Sheri asked? “It won’t.”

The young man looked at Sheri’s face, and saw her eyes. He had a sharp intake of breath, and his cock went flat, as if someone had popped a bubble. His reaction made Sheri smile, but neither the smile, nor the look in her eyes held any warmth. “Really, it won’t feel good,” she said.

 Jennifer laughed, and settled back into a chair close to the boy’s head. Sheri walked across the room to a locker. “I will need some things,” she said. She grabbed some items and walked back to the table. Before setting them down on the rolling cart next to it, she showed him what she had: a pair of pliers, small tack hammer, a small pair of scissors, some fishing line, and several small fishhooks. She then boosted herself onto the table, and sat across his chest, much as if she were riding a horse. Reaching over him, she pulled up on a device that was attached to the end of the table, by his head: two padded metal bars that could be swung back, and clamped on either side of his head. As Sheri pushed them tightly against his head, the young man realized what they were: restraints designed to hold a person’s head firmly against the table, as if he had a neck injury.

 “Jennifer tells me you like to use your teeth. Well, I think I can fix that.” Sheri picked up a fishhook, and tied it to the fishing line. She then cut off about a foot of line, and tied another hook to the other end. Leaning forward, she stuck the hook in the boy’s lower lip, and pulled. The boy screamed, and tried to pull away, but all he could do is buck his tormentor a bit into the air.

 “Hey Jen, I think I caught a big one!” Sheri said. Jennifer laughed, and pulled up the gown she was wearing. Looking down at the boy as she pulled back on the line, Sheri said, “Lets see how many of these it takes to open you up wide.” Then pulling the end of the line tight, she hooked it into his left nipple. The boy screamed, but it the sound ended with a gurgle because of the way his lip was pulled away from his teeth.

 “That was fun. Lets do it again.” Sheri repeated the performance, this time hooking the ends to the other side of his mouth, and his right nipple.

 “Wow,” Jennifer said. “You do have the creative streak in you.”

“You think,” Sheri said? Then turning back to the boy, said “Now lets do the top.” She tied two hooks to another length of cord, then hooked his upper lip, and stretching it up, set the other hook on top of the boy’s head. “One more,” she said, and repeated the process one more time. “Ok, you dumb shit. Now its time to start.”

 “Start?!” the young man tried to say, then started screaming as Sheri reached for the hammer.

 “This is just to loosen you up,” she said. The young man tried to pull away, but only managed to move his chest up and down under Sheri’s weight. The woman leaned forward, and resting her hand on his forehead, began to tap on the boys front teeth, lightly at first, then a bit harder. “That should do it,” she said, and reached for the pliers. “Now, this is the fun part. Pay close attention, cause I want you to feel every bit of it.” She forced the tip of the lower jaw of the pliers under one of his upper front teeth, and clamped down. The boy’s screams began in earnest now, and the vibration from his throat and lungs, and his thrashing about under her made Sheri wet. Rocking his tooth back and forth, she slowly, very slowly began to pull it out of his jaw. “That’s right, you bastard. Scream for me. Let me hear you. Make me cum you son-of-a-bitch!”

 Sheri pulled the tooth, rocked it, and pulled some more. As the tooth separated from his jaw, the gum tissue and nerve stretched, then broke. The tortured man convulsed one last time, screeched the wail of the damned, and passed out. The next thing he was aware of was a terrible smell, and he realized that Sheri was holding ammonia under his nose.

 “Wake up boy. We have eleven more to go. Five on the top, and six on the bottom. Then maybe you can show me how you are supposed to eat pussy.”

 The boy’s screams began again, in chorus with the moaning sound coming from Jennifer. Both women lost count of the number of times they came before Sheri was done.

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