Tara's Revenge
by Slowman_44@hotmail.com

Jerry looked at Tara in disbelief. He had come to break up with her, and it was not going well. He had not wanted her to know that his friends had teased him about dating a Native American, (not the term they used), and the fact that he just wanted the sex did not seem to matter to them. So he came to her house for one last fuck, and a good bye. But she got mad, and started to throw him out. That was when he asked if he could make love to her before he left. The look on her face confused him, and made him realize how stupid he was to think he could have her again. That was why he did not believe her at first when she said, "So you want me huh? Well give me a minute. Then come on into the bedroom."

Jerry could not believe his good luck, and so decided not to push it and give her enough time. He heard her moving about, then quiet. “Tara,” he said as he opened the door. The room was dark because the blinds were drawn, and he had trouble seeing the bed with just the light from the hall. Suddenly his head exploded in a white flash, then nothing.

When Jerry awoke he felt vaguely seasick. He was on his back, floating through the air. Sort of like a flying carpet. A very hard carpet. It took him several minutes to realize that he was tied on his back, naked, apparently on an old bed spring, and that he was being towed on a trailer behind a truck. He could tell that the truck was heading down the valley toward the reservation, and expected to be towed across the creek to someplace beyond. Instead the truck turned and went along the creek for what must have been a few miles. By the time the truck stopped he had been screaming at the driver for several minutes. He was not surprised this time when he saw who the driver was.

“God damn it Tara, let me up. I know it was stupid, and I am sorry.”

“It sure was stupid. I want to show you how stupid.”

“Let me up!” Jerry screamed.

“No,” Tara replied. “I have something better planned.” Tara walked to the end of the trailer, and started to pull the bedspring off. Jerry’s head bounced as the end of the bedspring fell the last few inches to the ground.

““LET ME UP!”” Jerry screamed.

“You don’’t have to yell, lover boy. I can hear you. But I will love it when you do yell……in pain.”

“What the hell are you going to do?” Jerry said hoarsely.

“Something very traditional. At least according to your kind. You know I never believed all those stories whites tell about being turned over to the women of a tribe. Too much like other fables about heathen savages. Still, I often though that this would be the perfect place for such a thing. Mother Nature has provided all the ingredients. Let me show you.”

Jerry watched in horror as Tara began plucking cactus needles from the plants growing on a rock high on the bank. Dumping them in a pile next to Jerry, she said ““these are for now.”” She then walked to the stream and plucked several somethings out of it. Coming back to him, she said, “these are for later,” and dropped what turned out to be small fish on the ground.

“Let me tell you what I have planned for you. These,” she said picking up a cactus needle, “I am going to stick in you. Everywhere. And these,” she said, dropping the needle and picking up a fish “I am going to stick up your cock. It’s a Stickleback minnow. See the long dorsal spines? It’s going in head first, and the spines will make certain it does not come back out. But that’s for later. I want it to rot a bit in the sun first, which will make it better bait. Until then, let’s see if I can keep you entertained.”

Jerry started screaming orders and obscenities at the girl, screaming how she would get in trouble, someone would find them, and so on. Tara patiently waited for him to quiet, wearing an odd smile.

“Hush lover. No one is going to hear you out here but me. Right now I am planning on ruining you. But I will let you live. You take your medicine, and you can keep living. Otherwise I will show you some of the more interesting ways a captive can be tortured, to death. So, let’s begin.”

Tara picked up a needle, and pinching the skin of his left nipple, pushed it slowly straight down. Releasing his nipple, it looked like a small tent with a too-long tent pole in the middle. Jerry started screaming in earnest, but this time in pain. Tara grabbed his other nipple and repeated the process, but this time, when she let go, she made a sighing sound. One that Jerry had heard her make during sex many times.

“This is going to be more fun than I thought lover. I am glad we have so many cactuses around here. And all this time…"

It was not long before Jerry’s screams were just mewing sounds. It was much longer before Tara paused to admire her handiwork A forest of cactus needles had grown on Jerry’s body. They stuck out in all directions from his arms, and chest, and legs. The ones that got the most interesting reactions were the ones she slid into his balls, and under his nails. The one spot on his body that was left untouched was his cock. Jerry was crying softly as he watched Tara smile on her work. “You do excite me more than any boy ever has,” she said.

Suddenly she flicked her hand out to the side, and said “not yet!” Tara smiled. “She almost got it that time. I think the smell is getting to her. Time for the second part of your punishment.” Tara ran her hand the length of his body, causing Jerry to squeal, and his body to convulse. Then, holding his dick firmly, she picked up one of the fish, and began to work it into to his urethra until it was completely inside. Then another. Then, one more that could not be forced all the way in.

“There. That should excite her,” Tara said cryptically. Turning to Jerry she said, “Did you know that weasels live in the rocks along the bank? They live off the Sticklebacks. They pull them out of the creek and eat them. When I was a child I used to watch them. Once I caught a few fish and laid them on the bank to attract them. I guess the smell drives them crazy because they began fighting over the fish. The next time I stuffed the fish inside a hollowed out stick. They tore it apart fighting over it to get at the fish.”

Tara climbed the bank and sat on a rock. Jerry summoned his last strength and started screaming again. The screams turned to shrieks when he saw first one tiny furry head pop up between his legs, then another.

Tara watch closely as one of the weasels bit off the part of the fish that stuck out of Jerry’s penis. The second one tried to fight over it, but the piece disappeared into the first one’s mouth. So it concentrated on getting another piece out of his dick, scratching, and tearing at the head. Soon the other weasel was also working on it, both driven by what they could smell inside. Tara’’s hand moved down to her crotch, and she rubbed herself. She loosened the buttons on her pants, and began to finger herself in earnest. “Shit,” she said, as she stood up and dropped her pants, then squatted down with her knees spread, fingering herself in rhythm to the cries coming from her ex lover. By the time she was satisfied the weasels had split his cock open almost to the base, one of them pulling out the last of the fish and scurrying away. The other rooted about for a bit, then took off too. Tara pulled up her pants and walked down to Jerry. Taking a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the cab of the truck, she poured the contents on his crotch. He barely reacted, only changing the tone of his whimpering.

Tara lifted up the head of the bedspring and dragged it toward the trailer. “Lets get going lover”, she said. “It’s a long way back to the free clinic.”

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