The Mindfuck

by MassaKist

She sits naked in the dark. The room is unfamiliar to her. A rented room in a cheap motel. She can see a sliver of light peeping in around the tacky curtains. The smell of stale smoke is gone, covered by the fresher scent of her burning cigarette.

She waits patiently for him. She knows he will come soon. She nervously jiggles her foot, waiting for his knock. She chews her bottom lip. She plays with her long hair.

She jumps when the knock comes. She stands, puts the cigarette out in the ashtray, and walks to the door. She is very careful as she opens the door, her body completely hidden behind it, her face averted.

The door is pulled from her grasp as he shuts it. She is in full darkness again, and she turns towards him, straining to see him. She can hear his breathing. She can smell him. But all she can see of him is a blacker than black shadow looming over her.

She sees the shadow move, hears the rustling noises as he removes his clothing. She trembles as she stands quietly. Waiting. She feels her nipples hardening and wonders if it's from excitement or fear... or both.

The noises have stopped and she looks at the shadow again. He reaches out and touches her. His hand slides from her shoulder down to her wrist. He walks towards the bed, pulling her behind him. She follows meekly, her heart thumping in her chest.

She is pushed onto the bed, on her back, both of her wrists held in one of his hands. Her legs are spread apart roughly, his larger, stronger body invading her space. She is not caressed, or even kissed, before he thrusts into her.

He finishes quickly, emptying himself deep inside her. She remains silent as he lets go of her wrists and gets up. She watches his shadow as he crosses the room, finds his clothes, and gets dressed. She closes her eyes when he opens the door and she doesn't open them again until it shuts.

She sits on the side of the bed and lights a cigarette. She wonders if that was him, or the stranger he had said he might send.

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