The Faces of Submission (for Matt)

by Lady Leanne (aka QueenBitch)

She watched as the gentle pink hues
Began to show the faces of submission
The breeze of the flogger tails
Were the only escape
From the heat that licked at his back
On his face
The picture of contention
As he hung before her
The sounds lulled him into that special place
Where all slaves crave to go
The whooosh of the whip
Breaking the silence of his suffering
The clicking of her heels on the concrete floor
Stalking him
The whimpers of his loyal servitude
Begging for her to spare him but hoping she would not
Each lash another link in the leash
That binds him to her
The shackles merely a symbol
For he would remain in place without them
A soft gloved fingertip
Brushed away his tear
He had pleased her
His soul filled with pride
As his eyes fell upon her
He received the ultimate reward
As a faint smile flickered across her lips