Tears, Blood, and Pain

(for Hayden)

Bruises blossomed like purple flowers on your thighs.
Marks left from the cane, bloomed brighter as she continued to strike.
Your sobbing stirred in me blood lust and a yearning to comfort you.
And she, excited and smiling, drank in your pain and despair
As I only watched and lusted.

We both were cats, playing with the prey that was you.
Feeding on your screams as she cut into your soft flesh,
I wanted to lick your blood and your tears. Drinking your essence,
Kissing your swollen eyes, but the lust for your screams was even more intense
Than the desire to comfort your tormented soul.
Did you feel abandoned my love?

When she had finished with you, and you lay weeping on the carpet
Abandoned, bleeding and sore,
Your thighs like raw meat that had been ravaged by animals,
I gently encircled your tiny ankle with my hand,
And like a cat, ran my claws down your calf
While chatting idly with your torturer as though you didn't matter at all.
Did you know you are my world?

Domina, 1999

For those of you who know, Hayden was once my wife.   Although we are no longer together, I still love her and wish her well.   Things change, but life goes on.  Though we had less than 3 years, they were a wonderful three years.  Goodbye, baby.  I miss you.


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