(by Mollena Williams)

My thoughts, unfurling, like the serpent's tongue
Darting to taste the air, the pathway split.
Choose what I will, too soon I am undone
Whether I dare rebel or dare submit.

"Resist you must!" The clarion cry within
"Revel in strength, fully express your power
To give yourself so freely tastes of sin
How piteous is it to kneel and cower?"

Then, gentle as a breeze on summer's night
Upon the heels of strident battle cry
Comes comfort's quiet voice to ease my plight
And whispers truths that I cannot deny

Desire to please, to kneel, to serve, obey
Consumes my heart so surreptitiously
Turbulent night reveals the clear-eyed day
And peace I find in loving slavery.
    And even as I sigh in sweet release
    My heart is torn, and on that blood you feast.

Mo is an incredibly talented lady.  You can currently see her onstage in The Trojan Women performed by the Crowded Fire Theater.   If you get the chance, see her this fall in her one woman show 69 Stories that she both wrote and stars in.  It's an unforgettable evening where you can learn not only about Mo, but about yourself, too.  

(Domina, who saw 69 Stories  twice and was incredibly moved by the entire thing.)

(C) 2001 By Mollena (Mo) Williams.  Use in hardcopy publications,websites, archives, ezines, or other electronic venues is expressly forbidden without triple X-rated super explicit written permission from Mo.  Peace.


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