Please remember that this story is fantasy.  A "quirk" is actually, from the description, a quirt.  Also, strokes where you wrap a strap around someone are dangerous and not good technique.  Please don't base your playing style on this story!

A Happy Little Home

 “I caught him staring at my tits again. He was at the kitchen window watching me in the pool. I could tell he wanted a closer look” 

Cindy smiled at her friend. “I want a closer look at hers. So does that mean you will be able to pull it off?”

 Mary nodded with a casual confidence. “He is coming over to put a hook in the ceiling. I guarantee you that after he is done, he will be hanging from it.” The young woman idly rubbed her crotch, and continued, “Then you can play with her tits all you want. I want his ass!”

As Tom knocked on the door to the adjoining apartment, it occurred to him that his next door tenants were getting more attention to their requests for service than his wife was. He always tried to respond when asked to maintain or improve one of his units, which is why it was not unusual that he come over today to install a hook for hanging plants. Still there had been a lot of requests lately, and he wondered if his wife had noticed how eager he was to fulfill those requests.

 The Duplex that he inherited from his parents, and now owned with his wife, was large, attractive, and set back from the road on an oversized lot. Though not new, it was very well kept, and he had never had difficulty finding renters. And since he and his wife had no housing expense other than taxes, the income from the property and a few others more than satisfied their needs. Of course living in one of your own rental units had its drawbacks, Tom thought, like not being able to avoid trips in the middle of the night to fix toilets, but it had its advantages too. This unit was always reserved for attractive women. Tom had met his wife that way. And though she had disagreed with him on occasion since they married about who should live there, they both agreed on the young couple who lived there now.

 The door opened, and Mary greeted him. “Over here. Between the front room and dining room,” she said. “I want a big hook. One that will hold a lot of weight.”

 “How much weight,” Tom asked?

 “How much do you weigh,” Mary asked?


 “Then at least that. But you better give it a margin of error. Make it 250lbs.”  

That, though Tom, was why he wanted to rent to Mary and Cindy. Comments like that, though innocent, could be taken in an entirely different way. As he gathered his tools, Tom continued the train of thought that he had started earlier. His wife had probably thought it safe to rent to a lesbian couple, and not an overly attractive one at that. Not that they were unattractive; just not gorgeous. Nonetheless, there was something about both of them. Mary had a way of saying things, the comment about his weight for example, and a way of posing and projecting an attitude that made Tom think SEX! in capital letters. A conversation with her was laced with commentary and double entendre that made keeping up with her hard work. And though she was not a raving beauty, she was attractive, with a fine, tight body from her work as a physical therapist and trainer for a local university.

 Cindy walked into the room, and asked, “Is Jenny home? I wanted to ask her about some layouts I was doing.”

 “Sure,” Tom said. “Just go over.” Jenny, his wife, and Cindy were both graphic artists, and seemed to have formed a fast friendship. It was not unusual for Cindy to go next door when he was here fixing things, and Tom kind of liked the idea of their friendship distracting his wife from how much time he was spending over here. She turned to leave, and Tom added Cindy to his musing. Cindy was the prettier of the two, but in a quiet way. She never seemed embarrassed by the comments of her lover, but never echoed them either. Still she too carried herself in a way that  seemed to say she was built for sex, and more than once he had seen her leer at him when he and his wife were out by the pool. As she swished out the door he remembered that more than once he had seen her in her professional clothes, or out by the pool, and had a sudden urge to ask her if she had ever considered swinging both ways.

 “Hey stud!” Mary yelled. “Works that way,” pointing at the ceiling. “Think you could get it hanging by Christmas?”

 Tom smiled, noting how well the comment fit in with his inner commentary. “Yes Ma’am. I’m going to work now,” he said. Tom mounted the ladder, measured off the distances, found a ceiling joist, and tapped a hole for the drill. As Mary took up a perch below him, Tom continued his thoughts. Cindy gave him mild thoughts of infidelity; but Mary excited him in a way made it hard for him to focus on his work when she was around. And though she seemed to know it, she never backed down. She also never encouraged him, so he guessed that she enjoyed the tension she was causing, sort of saying, “Hope you like it, but you are never getting any of it!”

 “Is it hard,” she asked?

 “What did you say,” Tom asked?

 “Finding the stud. Drilling a hole tight,” Mary said. “You did it just right. I bet it feels good to drill a hole right.”

 At it again, Tom thought. He decided to play along. “I am good at drilling. But in another sense its hard.” Putting down the drill, he picked up a threaded collar. “Of course I have all the tools, and I practice a with them a lot. You are not the first woman to notice how good I am with my tool.”

 “You talk too much. I want to see you use your tools. But I don’t want to hear you talk about them. Maybe I should gag you.”

 Tom was about to say something, but quickly decided that the game could be played better by not saying anything. Instead, he closed his mouth, sucking his lips in, as if he had been gagged. It did not take that much longer to tighten the collar, then thread in and tighten the hook. Climbing down he removed the ladder, and cleaned up the small mess he made.

“Nice to see you are already domesticated,” Mary said. “It leaves less work for a woman to do.”

 More double talk. “Anything else, Ma’am?”

 “Yeah. I want you to test it for me.”

 “What do you want to hang there,” Tom said? 

“You, you stupid shit. Cindy will keep your wife busy for a while. I want you to put these on.” She tossed toward him a set of leather cuffs, lined with thick lambs wool. “Lets see if that thing will hold what you said it will.”

 Tom stared, dumbfounded for the first time in his adult life.

 “NOW!” Mary yelled.

 Tom bend over to pick up the cuffs, slowly beginning to realize that not all of the commentary was meant just to tease. Though he did not know where this was going, or how far he wanted it to go, he thought it too good an opportunity to pass up.

 While Tom fit the cuffs on, Mary left the room, returning quickly with a short chain, a stepping stool, and a small pad about two inches thick. Setting the pad just under the hook, she waited for Tom to finish, then said, “Stand here.” Then, after tightening the cuffs, she set the stool down next to him, and climbing so she could reach the hook, attached one end of the chain to it.

 “Reach up your arms,” she said. Tom did so. Mary grabbed his wrists and hooked the cuffs to the chain. Climbing down, she bend over, and yanked the pad out from under Tom’s feet. Tom stumbled, and when he regained his balance, found that his arms were stretched tight, with his heels just barely touching the ground.  

“Nice,” Mary said. “Just right. With a leg spreader on, you will be hanging from your arms. Of course,” she continued, “You will be able to touch ground with your toes. You will NOT believe how much that hurts after a while.”

 Walking up to him, Mary grabbed Tom’s head, and pulled him close, and gave him a kiss. Even in his precarious position Tom had to admit is was one of the best kisses he had ever had, with lots of tongue and authority. Breaking the kiss, she stepped back and said, I can’t wait to get those clothes off you, so I had better call Cindy and your wife over.”

“Hey!” Tom yelled. “Hey, no don’t! I didn’t agree to this! Don’t tell my WIFE!”

 “You ARE a stupid shit. What do you think Cindy and your wife have been talking about all this time? They are probably wondering what has taken so long, and are as sick of waiting for your slow ass as I am!” Mary walked to the door, and turning as she got there, said “Don’t go anywhere. I want to show you how good I am with MY tools!”

 Tom stared, mouth open, as the door closed.

 “I will believe it when I see it,” Jenny said.

 “I swear. You know what a hound he is, sniffing at every bitch in the neighborhood. If she didn’t try to get him to play along, he probably would suggest it himself. By now she has him tied up, and is getting ready to call us.” As if on cue, Mary knocked at the door.

 “Come in!” Jenny said. Cindy giggled at the emphasis in her voice.

 “I caught a pig!” Mary said. “He is strung up waiting for you. I haven’t stuck him yet, but you should have seen the blood drain out of him anyway. Ready to watch the fun?”

 Cindy slipped an arm through Jenny’s arm. “Come along. This will be even better than you think.”   

Tom had a look of fear, mixed with embarrassment as the three women walked in. “Jenny, I..” he tried to say as they approached, but Mary cut him off by rushing up and punching him in the stomach. She waited for a moment as he tried to catch his breath, then said, “I told you, you talk too much. So I am going to gag you. But just remember, at times I am going to take it out. If you talk without permission, I will hurt you.” She laughed, and said. “I am going to hurt you anyway. So let me put it another way. If you talk when you are not supposed to, I will hurt you bad. REAL BAD!” Then grabbing his ear, she twisted it all the way around, and said, “Understand? Just nod your response!”

 Tom violently shook his head, and Mary released his ear. Blinking the tears from his eyes, he looked at her. Mary stood there, smiling, obviously enjoying his pain. Looking past her he saw Cindy, also smiling, with her trade-mark leer. But the surprise was Jenny. He expected, if not outright defense, then at lease shock and protest to show on her face at how he was being treated. Instead what he saw was lust, a look he had not seen on her for a long time, and never to that degree. He remembered a comment he had heard once from a girl in school, that just as every man was potentially a rapist, every woman was one act away from being femdom. Looking at her, he believed that, and began to get afraid.

 “Lets get comfortable,” Cindy said. “This is going to be a long show.” She led Jenny to a large, overstuffed captain’s chair that Mary had placed in front of her husband. Jenny had always admired the chair with its unusually heavy arms with thick padding. Suddenly she understood the cryptic comment Cindy had once made about her looking forward to showing her how well designed the chair was. Cindy sat in the chair, and to Jenny’s surprise, pulled her down on top of her. Then, as Cindy held her close, Mary came over and tied her forearms to the arms of the chair with silk scarfs.

 “What’s this for!” she said?

 “That’s so you don’t try and keep me from doing this...” Cindy replied, as she began to open the top buttons on Jenny’s blouse. “And this,” she said, as she slipped her hand into Jenny’s blouse, and began to gently caress her breast. An audible sigh slipped from Cindy’s throat, and though Jenny tensed, the gentle touch quickly relaxed her, as her hips began to move in unison with Cindy’s movement.

 Mary watched the two women settle into the chair, and took the opportunity to admire Jenny’s bust. It was Cindy that had the big fetish for breasts, but Jenny’s were remarkable, not for their size, but rather their perfect shape. They sat high on her chest, round and firm, always with her nipples protruding, regardless of what Jenny wore. That, more than anything, was what drove Cindy to plan their domination of the two. And even Mary had to admit that she was eager to see those breasts and nipples in the flesh, without the tease of cloth covering them.

 “Ah, well,” Mary said. “Back to work. First of all, lets muzzle this dog.” Reaching into a bag, she came out with a ball gag that she slipped over his head, pushing the ball deep in his mouth, then cinched it tight. She then held his nose closed to see if he could breath around the gag; he could not, which was what she wanted.

 Jenny laughed. “You guys seem to be confused. So far you have called him a hound, a pig, and a dog.”

 “Tommy boy will be many kinds of animal before Mary is done with him,” Cindy said.  

“So right,” Mary said. “He will be my dog later. And I expect him to do some pony work too. I am also going to stuff him like a turkey. But right now,” she said, as the blade of a switch blade magically appeared from the palm of her hand, “he is pure chicken.” All three women enjoyed the squeak Tom made when the knife appeared. Mary had palmed the blade when she got the gag out of the bag, and had waited to spring it on him in just this way. The effect was everything she had hoped it would be.  

“Don’t you hate it when some jackass comes to a party over dressed,” said Mary?  Jenny giggled at the addition to the animal menagerie.  “Lets see,” she continued, “if I can’t fix that.”

 Taking the blade, Mary slit Tom’s t-shirt from the his left sleeve to his collar, then walking behind him, did the same to the right side of his shirt. Then walking back in front of him, she slit his shirt from hem to collar. Mary held the tip of the blade under Tom’s jaw, then yanked his shirt away in a swift movement. Tom’s face paled even more, and sweat began to form all over his body. Mary could not contain her excitement as she took the blade, and cut through his belt in one firm motion. She snapped the waist button off, then turning the blade, cut his pants from waist to crotch. Then walking behind him, she reached between his legs, stuck the blade into his crotch where she had ended the first cut, and continued to cut through his pants from crotch to the waist band in back of the pants. All the while Tom was making squeaking noises, waiting for the feel of steel on his genitals, and was surprised when Mary finished without his being cut.

 Mary squatted down next to his left leg, and cut through his shoe laces, then sliced up his shoe, then cut his sock to ribbons. She then grabbed the cuff of his pant leg, and cut from cuff to waist, letting the cloth fall to the floor when done. Walking to the other side she repeated the performance. When she was done Tom hung from his arms, naked except for his underwear, barely able to keep weight off them by standing, shaking and breathing rapidly through his nose. Standing close in front of him, her nose almost touching his, she made two final cuts, from leg hole to waist in the front of his jockey shorts. He almost fainted when she stepped back underwear in hand, leaving him completely naked. Mary took a step back, bent over, and sticking her tongue out, touched it to the skin over his crotch. She then slowly straightened up,  running her tongue from his crotch to the point of Tom’s chin. She then turned to the two women who had been watching.

 Cindy and Jenny watched the show in silence, but not impassively. Cindy first pulled Jenny close to her, then returned her right hand to Jenny’s left breast, slowly stroking it through her bra. She took her left hand and slid it up Jenny’s leg until her hand was resting on the bound woman’s cunt. Cindy used her forefinger to trace Jenny’s lips, feeling the wetness that had soaked the cloth of her underwear. She then pulled down on Jenny’s panties so that there was some slack, then used her finger to push the cloth into Jenny’s cunt. Swirling her finger around, Cindy soaked up as much of the young woman’s juices as she could, and was rewarded by several groans and a gentle bucking back and forth on Cindy’s lap. By the time Mary had finished her show, Cindy’s hand and Jenny’s panties were soaked through. Cindy lifted her hand to her mouth, and licked her fingers, making satisfied tasting sounds.

 “Yum! I can’t wait to suck on more of this!”, she said.

 Mary walked back the two women, and addressing Jenny, said “are you ready for the real show?”

 “Pull her panties off first,” Cindy said. Mary knelt down and pulled the panties off as Jenny lifted her legs off the floor. Feeling the soaked panties, Mary lifted them to her nose, and smiled. “I have a use for these later,” she said. Walking back to Tom, she rubbed them on his face, squeezing some cunt juice into his nose, and said, “I bet you never made you wife this hot!” She then took the panties and shoved them into her own crotch. “This is to keep them fresh. You will appreciate that later.”

 Mary walked over to the bag sitting on the coffee table, and began pulling out implements. She then began to arrange a series of whips and crops, obviously mulling over which to use first. “This one, I think,” she said, and held up a three foot long quirk. It was leather covered, and very thin. “Just a few to begin, ok?” Her words and voice made it sound like there was a choice, but Mary’s eyes showed that there was no choice, and that this was just the beginning. Walking behind Tom, she pulled her arm back and swung at his ass. First forehand, then backhand, she swung her arm back and forth. Each time she left a dark read streak on the outside of his ass. Tom twisted and turned, and tried to move out of the way; Mary just followed him, never missing a beat as her arm moved back and forth. She stopped when had counted thirty full swings.

 Cindy knew what Mary was going to do, and continued to hold Jenny close, cupping her breast in her right hand. She held her left hand in front of Jenny’s cunt, forefinger gently curled, anticipating the first blow. When it hit, Jenny jerked forward, impaling herself on Cindy’s finger. From that point on, each stroke was matched by a thrust in Jenny’s pelvis as she fucked herself on Cindy’s finger. Jenny did not cum by the time Mary stopped, but she was incredibly excited.

 Mary walked in front of Tom, and whispered in his ear, “tell me how many times I hit you, and I won’t hit you again!”

 Tom looked at her through tear filled eyes, and said the first number that came to mind.

 “Wrong answer, shit-for-brains! Now the real fun begins!”

 Walking back to the table, Mary put down the quirk, and picked up a long, thin leather strap. “This,” she said, “hurts as much as anything I have ever used. Lets see how much you like it.” Mary started behind him, swinging the strap into him at chest level. The strap wrapped around him, from back to front, almost encircling his body. Tom’s scream, and the dance he made to try and get away were everything Mary expected. She knew from experience that, if done right, this caused as much damage as it could without cutting the skin. The effect was a burn-like trauma that left a bright red mark, which slowly turned black, then purple, then yellow several day later. The trick, she thought, was in the wrist. You have to snap it. You can tell when you do it right by the sound. Each snap resulted in a crack of leather on skin, pounding of feet that try to get away, and the muffled screams of your victim.

 At first Tom tried to move away from the blows, but soon his body, or his will, gave out, and he hung from the chain. Mary began to move slowly around him, covering every inch of skin from his armpits to his hips. After a very long time his skin was uniformly red, and each new blow was greeted by a pathetic groan, and a sharp intake of air through Tom’s noise. In the chair Cindy had her mouth on Jenny’s neck, licking and sucking, as both women watched intently how Mary methodically and relentlessly tortured Jenny’s husband.

 Mary stepped back to examine her work, walking once around him to see if she had missed a spot. “Looking good, my boy,” she said. “Just one more thing I want to do with this.” Mary stood about three feet in front, and slightly to the side of Tom. Then drawing the strap back, she snapped it like a towel toward his chest. Hours of practice had resulted in Mary being able to snap a fly out of the air with her strap. Now she was aiming at Tom’s nipples, and each crack of leather strip resulted in the tip biting one or the other. The new and intense pain caused Tom to rear up and scream into his gag, dancing about trying to avoid the blows. Mary just followed him as he spun around, each snap landing where she aimed it, each one leaving blood as the tip cut into Tom’s nipples. Mary finally stopped when Tom again drooped in his chains, head hanging down. She stepped up, and pulled his head back to see if he was still conscious, and he was, though just barely.

 “You need a break, Tommy boy,” she said.

 “And I can’t wait any longer,” said Cindy. She untied first one, then the other scarf that held Jenny on top of her. “Come with me,” she said, and taking Jenny’s hand, led her to a bedroom. Jenny looked back at her husband, and saw Mary stroking his hair, making the kind of noises a woman makes to sooth a crying baby. “Don’t worry about him,” Cindy said. “Mary’s not going to kill him. I doubt if she will even damage him permanently, though that is up to him. You can check up on him later...after I am done with you.” A shiver ran through Jenny as she let herself be led away.

 Mary stopped petting Tom’s head, and said, “Time to get back to work.” She left the room for a moment, and returned with a broomstick that had an eye-bolt set about six inches from each end, with a snap on link attached to each eye-bolt. She set it down in front of him, and then went to the bag on the coffee table. She returned with two more cuffs, then kneeling down, attached the cuffs to each leg, then one end of the stick to his left leg. Looking up, she said, “Time for you to learn how to fly!”, and grabbed his right leg. Pulling it up, she attached that ankle cuff to the other end of the stick. Dropping the assembly, she stood up and watched Tom swing forward and back. As predicted his feet could not touch the floor with the spreader holding his legs apart. The added pressure on his arms did not cause him any more pain–he already was in far greater pain from the beating–but Mary knew that it would be days before he regained the strength in his arms. And by the end of that period he would be completely broken, and no threat to retaliate.

 “I could not get your legs and ass properly while you could still touch the floor, and this will make two nice targets for me to work on. You know,” she said, “you have nice legs. Strong enough to take a real beating. Even though you have been a good boy so far, I think I am really going to hurt them. Trust me, I know just how far to go. I can make you a cripple for a day, a week,...or forever. Remember that.” Seeing that her words barely registered in Tom’s mind, she went to her bag and returned with a syringe and a bottle. “This,” she said, is mostly vitamins, but it has a mix of stimulants. It will make you more attentive. Oh, and it heightens the pain response too. That’s why you don’t use it for training. But,” she said in a husky voice, so chilling that it cut through the fog in Tom’s brain, “It will work just fine for training you!” Mary gave Tom the shot, and then took the gag from his mouth. She stood back and watched the drugs take effect. At first Tom merely felt as if he had been woken up. But then the pain hit, worse than before. His skin felt on fire, and his muscles began to vibrate, causing the chain to clink in an almost musical way.

 “Very good,” Mary said. “I think you are ready for more. I know I am!” Reaching into her panties, she said, “Oh, I almost forgot! I have a new gag for you. We don’t want to disturb the two of them having fun. But this will help you remember what they are doing.” She removed her hand from her crotch, holding his wife’s panties. Then stepping forward, she shoved them into Tom’s mouth. “I have a special gag, called a pear, that was used in medieval torture. If you let that fall from your mouth, I will use it on you.” Grabbing his hair and pulling his head back, she spoke directly into his face for emphasis. “If I do that I will cause permanent damage. Don’t make me do that. Do you understand?”

 Tom violently shook his head, and said, “Yes! Yes!” into the gag.

 “Now what did I tell you about talking?” Mary said. “I hope you liked that little trick with your nipples, because you have just earned the same treatment for your nuts. I recommend that you clench your teeth; you don’t want to lose those panties when you scream!”

 Mary picked up the strap, and drew her arm back. Tom started screaming before the first blow hit, but it was nothing compared to the screams he made after the tip connected with his testicles. His kicking caused him to spin slowly around, but Mary merely walked around with him, never missing the rhythm of her stroke, each one ending with the snap of leather against Tom’s balls. Long after he would have passed out from the pain, Tom was still kicking and screaming, kept awake by the shot of stimulants. Finally, Mary stepped back and said, “Next time do exactly what I say, or I will hurt you even worse. Now lets get back to marking your legs. The longer it takes me to finish, the longer you will be hanging there.” Mary pulled her arm back, and started the long, slow stroke that resulted in the strap whipping around Tom’s right leg. Pulling it back, she repeated her swing. It took a very long time to finish with that leg; then she started on the other.

 Cindy led Jenny to the bedroom, mildly surprised at how acquiescent Jenny was being. She knew that Jenny had been starved for sex–Jenny had admitted that the last several months had been boring for both her and Tom, not that Tom had ever been that good in bed–but this seemed out of proportion to mere boredom. Cindy began to suspect that Jenny had had dominant tendencies before this, and perhaps had never cared much for her husband anyway.

 “Sit there,” Cindy said, pointing at the largest futon bed Jenny had ever seen. “Strip for me.” 

Jenny blushed, but began to loosen the remaining buttons on her blouse. Cindy could barely contain herself as she watched Jenny slowly remove her top, exposing her bra. Jenny unsnapped the button on her skirt, then lifting her ass off the bed, slid the garment down her legs. She then bent down and slipped her house shoes off. Each item was neatly set on the floor, next to the bed. The slow progress made Cindy as hot as she had ever seen. She wanted to jump up and tear Jenny’s clothes off of her, but was enjoying the show too much to have it end so soon. So she sat, feeling the excitement and anticipation grow in her loins, vowing to make Jenny pay for teasing her.

Jenny slowly undid the hooks on her bra, then allowed the shoulder straps to fall off. Still holding it on, she reach over with one hand and slid the straps off first one arm, then the other. Then, refusing to look Cindy in the eyes, slid the bra off her breasts.

 Cindy groaned as she got her first unobstructed view of Jenny’s breasts. They were better than she had anticipated, even better than she had hoped. Jenny paused for a moment, then starting at her shoulders, ran her hands down her body, over her breasts, and down to her thighs. Reversing the motion, she rubbed her hands up her body, stopping this time at her breasts, cupping them and rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

 “Show me how you pleasure yourself,” Cindy said.

 “I don’t...”

 “Don’t lie to me!” Cindy yelled. “We both no Tommy boy’s no bargain in bed. Show me how you have been making do!”

 “Jenny continued to roll her nipples, then bent her head down to lick first one, then the other. She ran her tongue around the areola of one breast, then sucked her nipple into her mouth. She did this several times to one breast, then repeated the action to her other one. Going back to the first one, she started again, but this time used her other hand to spread the lips of her cunt, and finding her clit, began to rub it in a circular motion.

 Cindy watched intently, looking for clues to what turned on Jenny the most. She had not intended to let Jenny cum, but it came on so fast that she decided to watch her do it. She was fascinated how Jenny’s whole body expressed her orgasm, and was pleased to learn that one orgasm merely whetted Jenny’s appetite for more sex, watching her closely as Jenny redoubled the rubbing of her clit.

 Stepping forward, Cindy grabbed Jenny’s hand, pulling it away from her crotch. “Lay back on the bed,” she said. “Lift you arms over your head.” Jenny did as she was told. Cindy pulled ropes from the top of the bed and tied Jenny’s arms, then moved down to the foot of the bed and did the same with her ankles. Though loose, the ropes would not let Jenny free herself. Then kneeling between Jenny’s legs, she began to undress. Standing to slip off her pants and panties, Cindy knelt back down and said, “Let me show you how you should be treated,” and bent down to begin sucking on the inner part of Jenny’s thigh. Cindy ran her tongue up Jenny’s body, stopping at the woman’s belly button to drill her tongue into it, and was rewarded with Jenny’s hips rising up to meet her.

 “Not so fast, you big tease,” she said. “Now its your turn to wait.” Continuing her journey up Jenny’s body, she stopped this time at her right breast. “Now how were you doing that she said?” and preceded to repeat the motions she had just witnessed. Cindy rubbed her tongue around Jenny’s nipple, then sucked it hard. She raised her head, and kept sucking, allowing the nipple to pop free just before it became painful. She repeated the action again, and again, listening to the effect on Jenny. As the woman’s groans grew, and her body writhed to the stimulation of her breast, Cindy began to make sounds of satisfaction, adding a “Yum!” here and there. After several minutes  of teasing one breast, Cindy traced her tongue over to the other. Pulling her head back, she looked at Jenny and said, “Yum, YUM!” then began again, but this time she allowed her hip to grind into Jenny’s cunt.

 Jenny groaned in pleasure as her movements were now rewarded by pressure on her clit. Almost immediately she came, though it did nothing but make her desperate for even more stimulation.

Cindy kept on, somehow sensing that this was making Jenny more hot, not less, allowing her to orgasm again and again. After a bit, Cindy pulled back, and watch in pleasure as the frustration of not being able to cum forced Jenny back to earth.

 “Do you want to cum,” she asked? “Do you want to really cum?”

 “Yes, yes, oh god, YES!”

 Without a word, Cindy slid down to Jenny’s cunt. She kissed it gently, letting the girl grind her hips into Cindy’s lips. Then, bending her head, Cindy slid her tongue between Jenny’s cunt lips and, moving up, licked Jenny’s cunt from her groin to her clit. Jenny screamed in pleasure, and twisted her hips to try and maintain contact. Cindy smiled, and repeated the motion. Again, and again Cindy teased Jenny’s cunt, building tension, but being careful not to let her come this time. Periodically she would stop altogether and kiss around Jenny’s cunt, listening to the young woman beg for release. Finally, when Jenny’s cries became a constant stream of begging and pleading, Cindy sucked Jenny’s clit into her mouth, and trapping it gently between her teeth, flicked the clit gently with her tongue. Faster and faster she licked, still holding Jenny’s clit, first through one violent orgasm, then on to the next, and the next, never allowing Jenny to relax, or fall back down, until finally, with a scream, Jenny had one massive orgasm and lay still.

 Cindy released Jenny’s clit, but continued to kiss and lick her cunt. Slowly Jenny began to revive. Just as Jenny began to move her hips in response to Cindy’s motions, Cindy pulled away. “No,” she said. “If you want more, you have to earn it.” Slowly, Cindy slid her body up Jenny’s. She paused with her crotch over Jenny’s breast, and on a whim, reached down to tease her own clit with the nipple of Jenny’s right breast. Jenny’s reaction was as pleasing as it was surprising: she screamed, “God, YES, YES!” and arched her back to push her breast into Cindy’s cunt. Cindy ground her cunt onto Jenny’s breast, and rode out her first orgasm. She pulled away before the glow began to fade, and moved her cunt over Jenny’s mouth.

 “I hope you were paying attention,” she said, “because I like it done the same way,” and lowered herself onto Jenny.

 Jenny began to lick Cindy’s cunt, and to Cindy’s surprise, did a fine imitation of her best technique. After all the foreplay and stimulation, Cindy came after a few licks, while Jenny, like Cindy before her, continued to flick her tongue back and forth over Cindy’s clit. On and on it went till Cindy literally fell off of Jenny’s face. So tired was she from cuming, that she finished the last one by rubbing her forefinger on her own clit and squeezing her breast, while Jenny tried in vain to reach her.

 A short time later Cindy groaned, and rolled next to Jenny. As the women kissed, they made love sounds, and small jokes about how good the other was. Cindy reached up and untied Jenny’s arms, then helped Jenny free her legs. After a hug, Cindy asked, “Ready to see what Mary has done to your husband? He might need help by now!”


As the women entered the room they saw Mary just finishing tying Tom to the coffee table. “Great,” she said. “Just in time. I was just about to move onto the next phase of my little fuck-toy’s education.”

 Tom lay on his stomach across the table. Mary had long since finished making his entire body a uniform read color, whipping him relentlessly with the leather strap. She then had taken out a two foot long piece of fiberglass rod, barely an eighth of an inch think, and proceeded to whip him first one way, then at right angles to that. The effect was a crisscrossing of red marks that looked not unlike he had been turned on a grill. Each of the marks bled where they crossed, and they crossed all over his body.

 “I just gave him another shot to wake him up. Toward the end he had begun to doze off on me, but he’s raring to go again.” Walking behind him, Mary said, “I was about to take him up the ass, but its your choice how I do it. I can do it just for humiliation, or I can hurt him. What do you want?”

 The two women had again settled in the chair. This time though Jenny’s hands were free, and both were stroking each others breasts. Cindy looked at Jenny, who smiled a cold smile, tinged with lust. “Hurt him. A lot.”

 Mary ran her hand down Tom’s back and said to him, “Ah, sorry love. I was going to be gentle. But you just don’t cross the lady of the house.” Kneeling on the ground behind him, Mary said, pay close attention, because you will never be the same again after this!”

 Mary took a tube of lotion from the bag on the floor, and squeezed most of it into Tom’s ass. She then pushed her forefinger into his ass, and pulled it back out. Tom screamed in pain. Jenny looked on in surprise, and Cindy laughed at her reaction.

 “Watch closely! Look what she is doing with her fingers.”

 Jenny looked at Mary’s hand and realized that she was putting her finger in straight, but curling it as she pull it out, letting her nail scrape the sphincter. Again and again Mary hooked his ass. After a few minutes , she began to use two fingers, then alternated her fingers with her thumbs.

 “I think he is ready,” she said, then placing her left hand on the small of his back said, “ready or not!” and rammed her fist into Tom’s ass. Tom tried to lift himself off of the table, but only managed to lift the table legs a bit. All of the women burst out laughing as Mary, her hand now relaxed, pulled it out of Tom’s ass. Reversing the motion, she slid her open hand into his ass, then as quickly as before, made a fist, and pulled it out as hard and fast as she could. Tom began a scream that continued till he was out of breath, then took a deep lung full of air, and screamed again.

 After several times fisting his ass, Mary sat back on her heels, and looked quizzically at her lover. Cindy just nodded, then turned to Jenny. “Watch this!” she said.

 Mary relaxed her right hand, and slid it up Tom’s ass. Then keeping it there, she did the same with her left hand. Tom tried in vain to pull away, screaming in pain.

 “Watch!” Cindy said. A strange look fell over Tom’s face. Jenny realized that Mary was closing her fists inside his ass, and spreading her arms apart. A low, loud growl of pain started deep in his throat. Mary waited as it built, waited as his body began to realized that he had met, and passed his limits. Waited while his mind struggled with, then gave up any control of his own soul. Waited, then when she knew he could not take any more, she yanked her hands out together, spreading his anus as wide as her strength would allow.

 Tom’s cry ended in a squeak, and he passed out. Mary looked over, and saw Cindy and Jenny kissing and rubbing each others clit. Mary looked back at Tom’s unconscious body, and began to rub her own clit until she came.

 The next morning they helped Tom up, though no one could find a position that was comfortable. The day before he would have been shocked that Jenny laughed at his pain; now it just seemed natural. Mary informed him that, when he was able, she wanted a few improvements to the apartment.

 “I want the wall between the two apartments removed,” Mary said.  “After you finish, you can get to work on converting one room to a dungeon. After all,” she said, “I need my pleasure from this relationship too!”

 Briefly Tom objected to the new arrangement, but the women took turns convincing him how much better it was going to be. All in all his objection delayed his recovery by several days.   

Jenny idly ran her forefinger up and down the lips of Cindy’s cunt, and mused how funny it was how things turned out. She could always tell when someone wanted her, and had always used her body to get the things she wanted. Five minutes after talking to Tom about renting the apartment she knew that he was going to make a pass at her, and knew that she would soon be married to him. After all it was the perfect arrangement: free rent, a husband who could be manipulated, and an endless supply of people auditioning next door. And when Cindy and Mary moved in, one look in Cindy’s eyes told her that Cindy would soon provide an opportunity to go back to her college habit of swinging both ways. But there was no way she could have known that her lover, Mary, also swung both ways, and was into dominating men. So now she had Mary teaching Tom how to be a better lover, and keeping him submissive to boot. “Good,” Jenny thought as she laughed to herself, and began to kiss Cindy’s cunt. Let Mary do the heavy lifting. When Mary was done with him, Tom would be as good in bed as he was around the house. Jenny began to lick Cindy’s cunt, and she responded by spreading her legs, and groaning. Now Jenny had the best of both worlds. She was living comfortably, had a good job, and was secure. And she had a mix of lovers who gave her all the sex she needed. Its what she always wanted. A happy little home.


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