Please remember that this story is FANTASY.  Doing any of this in real life is dangerous.

A New Record

“Do you know what this is?”

Jack looked at the woman and the thing she held. It was metal, and pear shaped. It seemed to be in three parts, and the top looked like it would screw off. He thought he has seen one on a tour of a wax museum, the house of horrors, no less, but had no intention of speculating. Hell, he had no intention to even acknowledging this bitch until the whole thing was over. Then he was either going to beat, or sue her ass. Whichever would give the most satisfaction. Instead he looked away. He had no idea how he got here, but he could tell he was in a basement, somewhere, but nowhere he could identify. He was tied on his knees, legs spread, with his arms tied behind him. And some sick bitch was in his face.

“What, cat got your tongue? I can fix that.” Setting the device down, she picked up a double-edged knife with a wide blade. Jack leaned back as far as he could, and screamed. “Relax Jack, I just want your mouth open.”

Jack clamped his mouth shut, his face white as a sheet. “Boy, you scream like a little girl. But I bet I can get you to open your mouth!” The woman held Jack’s head, and slid the tip of the blade between his lips, then forced the blade between his teeth. “Pay attention now,” she said, and turned the blade slowly. Jack tried to keep his mouth closed, but screamed and opened wide when he felt the knife begin to cut.

“That’s it,” she said. “Now just hold still.” Holding the knife in his mouth, she reached over and picked up the device, and slid it into Jack’s mouth. Then holding both in one hand, she began to turn the top. Jack realized that the “top” was a screw, and that turning it made the device open.

When the pear had opened too wide for Jack to spit out, the woman let go of the device and pulled the knife out of his mouth. “See, not a mark on you. Well, almost not a mark. Have you figured it out yet,” she said? “It is a medieval torture device. You put it in, crank it open, and listen to the screams. This is going to be fun,” she said. “Well, fun for me. You are going to hell. If you are lucky, maybe I will let you come back.”

Slowly the woman began to turn the screw. Each turn made the pear expand in Jack’s mouth. The sensation went from pain, to more pain, to something beyond pain. He could feel the ends of the pear tearing at the inside of his mouth, and he could feel his jaw begin to crack.

“Do you know what’s happening to you? That shooting pain on both sides of your head? The two major nerves in your jaw are being stretched. That won’t stop as long as I have this in. And its only half open.” Jack began to shake from side to side. His screams had long since become one loud cry of pain and torment.

“I think this is a good place to stop for a time.” The woman stepped back. “I have a surprise for you. A man thought this thing up. I know it was used to torture women. One account I read had three of them in use on a woman at the same time.” She looked at him. “That won’t work for you. But two will!” The woman stepped back, and pulled out another pear, but this one was twice the size of the one in his mouth, and had a long, thin point on the bottom end. “Believe it or not, this one will hurt a lot more going in. Oh, and it will hurt a lot more once its in too.”

Jack tried to move, tried to keep the woman from inserting the thing up his ass, but only delayed her inserting the pointed end. Once in, she kept on twisting and pushing until the wide part had disappeared inside. Then she began to turn the end.

Had he been able to think, Jack would have sworn that nothing could make him forget the pain in his jaw and mouth. But this did. Jack began to buck and twist on the floor, trying to get away, any way he could. But he was tied to tightly, and the ropes were too strong. “There,” she said. “Both are half open. Now what should I do?” Jack groaned and cried as the woman pulled his face up so that she could look him straight in the eye. “I know. Lets open them up all the way!”

It took two hours and forty minutes before she had both pears all the way open, and she managed to keep Jack awake, and screaming the whole time. “A new record,” she thought!
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