Home Made Vibrator 

by Stacia the Slave


Electrician's Tape
Small Switch
Empty 2 Liter Soda Bottle
Rumble Motor
Plastic Eater Egg
9 Volt Battery

Putting it together:

Well, I first made this toy when I was still extremely shy about sex. I wanted a vibrator but I didn't want to actually go buy one. I also knew a little bit about electronics and I had a bunch of stuff laying around my house.

First, let me explain how to get some of the ingredients. The tape can be bought at any hardware store and is often best known to women as the black stretchy rubber tape. The switch I got out of an old battery operated toy my niece left at my house. The switch I have is basically a little white bit of plastic hooked to a base with two little metal prongs. The scissors, well, if you don't know what these are or how to get them, you should probably stop reading now. The same goes for the soda bottle. The rumble motor is the most expensiv thing to come by in this situation. There are two ways I can think to get this motor. The first is to track down one of those rumbler pens that were popular back in the 90's. They are basically ink pens that had a lopsided bit of metal that spun around and made the pen shake in such a way that you wrote in squiggles. You need to break the plastic off the pen and take out the motor. The second is to get a game controller that is rumble-capable. You can pick one up for 5 bucks or less at a pawn shop or a garage sale, or you can dig that broken one out of your closet. Break the controller open to get the motor. If you have a playstation controller you will be provided with two motors. I personally used a playstation rumble motor. The wire can be just about anything, but you should get some insulated single-strand wire from a hardware store. The plastic egg can be bought just about anywhere around easter. The battery can be bought at a grocery store. The battery is the kind that is a rectangle with the two prongs on top.

Second, I'm going to explain how to put it together. First you should cut the ends off the bottle so you are left with a wide, long slightly curly piece of plastic. Cut it down the middle so it can lay flat. Now get the motor. The playstation ones look like a chunk of metal with a short staff sticking out of it with a half circle of metal on top. The chunk of metal should have two little bits of metal stick out where wires hooked to it before you salvaged it. Use electricians tape to hook two short lengths of wire to it. Take one of the ends of wire and tape it to one of the prongs of the battery. Take the other wire and tape it to one of the metal prongs on the switch. Now take a new piece of wire and tape it to the other prong of the switch. Take the free end of this last piece of wire and tape it to the second prong of the battery. If you have this done right the motor should start up when you turn on the switch. If it works, then move on to the next step.

Now that you got the vibrating part set up you should put the guts on the plastic strip you cut earlier. roll up the plastic so it's tight against the insides but roughly as big around as the egg is. Cut away the excess plastic and then cut a little bit of the plastic out for the switch. Tape the switch in place so it's lined up with the new hole. Also, now is the time to tape the rumble motor to the end of the plastic so it's end is hanging out a little bit. Then tape the plastic strip close around the guts. 

Now open up the egg so it is in two parts. Tape one piece of egg to each end of the plastic tube and you should be ready. Turn on the switch and your toy should vibrate. If it does, enjoy! 

But for those paranoid at heart, you should tape it down to a desk or something and let it run for half an hour to an hour to see if it gets hot or if the battery explodes. I've never had a problem with this, but you never know.



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