Domina's Shopping and Home Manufacturing Tips

Sir Easy's Spreader Bar

I've made a nice Spreader Bar that  I can spread my submissives/slaves from two feet out to eight feet if need be.

To make this you will need:

8-12" sections

4-12" sections (end cap-eyebolted)

1-8" section

1-four-way pipe elbow

14 male adapters

14 female adapters

4 end caps

4 threaded eye bolts (alittle larger than 1/4-20)

can of pvc glue

can of primer

I bought fourteen feet of schedule 40 rigid plastic pipe, three

quaters of an inch diameter (14'x 3/4"); 14 female adapters; 14 male

adapters; 6 end caps; 4 threaded eye bolts; 1 can of purple primer

and 1 can of glue.


Cut the lengths 10-1/2" long and glue 1 male adapter on the end and 1 female adapter on the other end. Do this for 8 sections of 10-1/2" pipe. Completed the section should be one 12" x 3/4". Next cut four sections at 11 and add on two sections - add m. adapter and on the other two sections-add f. adopter. On each section, drill pilot hole and add eyebolt through the end, use lock washer and nut, tighten and glue to other end.

With remainder of pipe stock add 3" to 6" to four way cross, add two female and two male adopters and your set to play. You can add one more short piece, 7-1/4 " length and do the same...this will give you a comfortable twenty inch (20") spreader and a quickshift play toy item to your arsenal of play toys. You can paint them, but I normally have mine in use so enjoy! 

susielizard's Adjustable Spreader Bars

I bought a pair of aluminum adjustable height crutches at Goodwill for 5$.  I don't know if they will all work but they are made to take the weight for sure.  I took them apart - that was tough til my hubby suggested drilling the rivets out.  Then I took one of the pieces with the holes in it and the two end pieces.  I drilled holes through the end and attached a ring to them and then inserted the end with the little push buttons in it into the center piece that has the holes.  Voila.   You can make smaller by pushing piece in and wider by pulling out.

Lady Emma's Whisker

Since I'm a chef, I had a few things from my cooking kit that I could use. I read that you could use a wire whisk, and that got me thinking, "How am I supposed to use that?!" So, I got out a cheap one from the dollar store, bent the wires, flattened them out and wah la! A new toy! I'm including a picture of it so you get an idea of what I mean. I also wrapped the handle with string so it's a little more comfortable to hold. In the one I have there is a little metal disk holding the wires in place that could really hurt someone, so I covered that up with string as well! Every sub I've used it on LOVE it. I hope this helps! -Lady Emma

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