More Shopping Tips

Karen, from "" points out that you can buy crops, dressage whips, and lots of other interesting things from your local tack shop and farm supply store. She says, "I guess the moral of the story (is moral a bad word??? =) ) is to think about what you want to get, and then try and figure out if it has a REAL WORLD APPLICATION... then check it out. Those neoprene balls for ballgags I found (Un cored unfortunately) at a "MacFrugals" for $0.75 a piece. Not bad if you can stand neon orange rather than red. Dog collars, like the page already says... pet stores or supply sections at the local "Hellmart".(Actually I used several dog collars and a pop rivet gun, and one of those neoprene balls and made a nice full head gag harness thingy.)
Um also Military surplus and sporting goods stores, think mountain climbing and cargo lashings... and of course you have to tie up your horse..."

Ron had this idea:

I was recently in the sporting goods section when I came upon a snake bite kit. This kit contains three suction cups (two large ones and a small one), a razor, and some antiseptic. I threw the antiseptic away, used the razor for other things, and was left with three cups. These three cups are great for applying suction to the nipples, and several other areas. The whole snake bite kit cost me less than $4.

kiten-R tells us about state fairs:

Where my Master and I live, there is a large Farm Show annually, generally in the dead of winter. You know the type, has the local 4-H kids involved, horse pulls, buggy races, livestock competitions, teen rodeo, square dancing, all sorts of 'rural' past-times. We have found that this is a terrific, inexpensive, resource for BDSM toys! Just for example, I found a tab-ended riding crop (sturdy and pretty black leather w/ woven shaft and handle) for only $3.00. Also, a single-strand riding-crop (perhaps it's a quirt?) for $4.00. And best of all, a whip of the kind you use for horses in corral training. The solid shaft is about 4 1/2 FEET long, and is all black woven leather, all of a piece, it seems. The whip then is a single strand of woven leather (same piece apparently!) of slightly diminishing thickness for about 2 1/2 feet. Then it is spliced onto a nylon length of about 1 1/2 feet. My Master has to have about 8 feet of clearance in order to use it properly. We have nicknamed it the 'fly-rod', as the motion he uses is just as if he were fly-casting side-armed. And how much did we pay for this GEM? SEVEN DOLLARS!!! Three beautiful, well-made, long-lasting toys for a whopping $14.00!! Also, the selection of dog-collars, leads, choke-chains, etc. is endless. If you don't have a Farm Show or State Fair locally, try a Sports & Outdoors Show, a Kennel Show (dog collars, etc.) a Horse Show (whips & quirts), or a Rodeo, which often sells these horse-related items as a service to the participants. And, of course, at Horse Shows & Rodeos, you can often find dressed leather at cut-rate prices. (saddle-grade leather makes *mean* paddles!)

BTW, thank You ever so much for the highly informative shopping/making-your-own tips. This weekend when Master has to work all weekend, I'm going to make some presents for him. :) Oh, and also, you can get good leather at motorcycle shows/rallies/shops. This is often used to cover seats or make saddlebags out of, and tends to be somewhat thicker while remaining soft and supple. Best of all, it's already black!

Best of luck in all You do, and thank You again for such a helpful site.

Khyra gives directions for:

small metal hoop (found in craft store or Wal-Mart) such as the type used for Dream Catchers $.39
plain metal key rings (again crafts or Wal-Mart) $.89 package of 4
latches (can't remember name of them, found in hardware, loop on bottom, clip on the top that you push a small button down to open it, sometimes these are used as key rings) $1.00 each at Lowes....these are optional however

Thread the four key rings through the hoop. For safety I like to thread the latches onto the key rings, as it can be quickly released in event of emergency. Then attach to ankle and wrist restraints using the metal loop on each. To do this either thread the key rings through the loop, or if using the latches simply clip onto the loop. I love this little toy.

Metal Hoops (another use) $.39 each......will need 4

If you have a bed with just the plain old metal frame, here is an idea. Take these hoops and put one on the floor under each leg of your bed. What I have done is attached my ropes to each hoop, and wound the ropes around my hand and tied them with a rubber band. They are nicely hidden beneath my dust ruffle and when it is time to play I simply pull off the rubber band and unwrap the rope. Saves me quite a bit of time and trouble.

Stu suggests: Ordinary radiator heater hose cut to 6-8" with 3 or 4 pieces of vacuum line cut to whatever length pushed into it makes a good, very stingy whip. All materials can be purchased at any auto store without raising anyone's curiosity.

Corliss tells us about wool mittens from a camping supply house. They are both soft and prickly. And under $10 for a pair.

Free Diva from AOL Real Submissive Men Room enjoyed a group of brushes in Home Express that are various stiffnesses for various veggies.....from carrots to mushrooms. We also found a nasty, stingy little leaf shaped wooden bread paddle. I took it home and added a piece of scrap leather to one side to vary the sensation. The paddle alone was $3.49. The little brushes, $2 each.

MsSybil writes:the plastic screw off cap from plastic drink bottles make wonderful sensation toys.... the plastic teeth can be a nasty bite when cranked on the skin with little pressure, wonderful for nipple play and the ohhhh so sensitive male genitals

Petdave sends us this: "I too have a passion for making or adapting my own toys from cheap, commonly available items... The first stop whenever I'm in a "creative" mood is always the local Salvation Army... they have an enormous selection of black pleather belts for $0.25 each. Use a couple of sheet-metal screws to attach a hard rubber doggy ball to one, trim off the excess, and you've got a ball gag for less than $4.00.

A padded blindfold? Go to Tandy Leather and score a rabbit skin, or failing that, get some synthetic fur from the craft section at Walmart, and use contact cement or rivets to hold that to a belt to make a buckling blindfold. I'm working on building an armbinder of the sort sold by Dressing for Pleasure (I believe they're made by Northbound, but I'm not sure), but I haven't gotten that straightened out yet... I'm sure it can be done for about $10. Other cheap stuff- a company called American sells heavy-duty nylon dog collars that are 1" wide and plenty sturdy enough to be used as restraints on a human subbie- just use some kind of padding underneath them, since they're relatively narrow and coarse. They're about $6 each and include a convenient D-ring.

Home Depot and other hardware stores sell hinged copper brackets in varying diameters- the screw that holds them shut can be removed and replaced with a small master lock, and they're excellent for use as cockrings, or can be locked around the

scrotum and connected to just about anything that one would like their male sub to remain intimate with." (Thanks, dave.)
Mr. Naugahyde has these suggestions:

While browsing at Costco yesterday, waiting for my flat and shredded tire to be replaced, I came across the perfect cane-case. It was black, sturdy, with a web strap handle - masquerading as a fishing rod-holder, $16.49 or so, along the back wall with other misc. sporting goods, storage receptacles, etc. (Comparable artist's portfolio cases of the same quality, available at Univ. Art Center in Palo Alto and similar artist's supply stores, cost much more and aren't as sturdy.) Just the thing for Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice, or perhaps someone with a December birthday who might be hosting a party in the near future... At Target, moving right along, you can also find 2 for $0.99 plastic tablecloths which make great dropcloths for wax play...they come in teal and purple, and are lightweight enough to fold down small and contour to whatever you drape them over. They are also handy at a party when the play spaces are primarily foam mattresses with sheets over them...if you accidentally spill water all over everything, the plastic tablecloth can become a layer to keep you, your toys, your play partners, etc., dry and comfy. They can be found at the end of the "picnic" aisle, the one with paper plates, cups, etc. in it, near the party aisles (featuring matching sets of paper plates, cups, tablecloths, fru-fru, etc.), at your local Target store. Target also carries plastic clothes pins, in the laundry supplies aisle (ironing boards, drying racks, etc. - other side of the store from the party goods). They're good because they're easy to clean 100% safely - you can use bleach, Hibaclens, the washing machine, etc., and know that you're killing all the beasties potentially on them without damaging them or drying them out (which can cause them to splinter). And wooden clothespins can splinter anyway, if they haven't been treated with latex or some other costly dip (or hand-sanded...)...and discovering splinters in your skin when you get home is definitely not one of the highlights of bdsm play. (Not to mention how difficult it can be to get them out, or explain how they got there, given some of the places clothespins can be put...). I meant to mention, too, back around Halloween, that the Spirit Halloween stores are a good source for cheap fishnets, black lace tops & lace bodysuits, for those of you who like to cut clothes off/have them cut off in scenes...especially during their post-Halloween mondo-clearance sale. Oops, too late now. Sorry; keep it in mind for next year. Sincerely,
Mr. Naugahyde

Odio Kai writes in with these suggestions:

PADDLES ping pong, paddle ball, those new drum paddles are fun, lots to be found in the outdoor summer sections TEXTURES endless- koosh balls, slime, hard and soft foam, check out the older discovery and educational toys SCENE PROPS toy knives are great for those not ready for, or desirous of, the real thing, but wanting that edge(pun in- tended) in their visual stimulus JUST FUN jump ropes are great for fun colored restraints, need a cheap stand in for a helmet? kiddy armor, yeah, the plastic stuff, sometimes it comes in sizes If the imagination were opened as often as the eyes, toys would be seen every where; auto parts, grocery, church supply etc.... not just the marine supply, hardware store, and/or BDSM shop.


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