Ideas From the First Annual Iron Dom Contest, 2003*


The "Fork You" 

Take an ordinary plastic fork, secure it to a wide piece of leather, and brace it with a craft stick.  Tie the leather around your bottom's neck with the tines of the fork facing upward.  Talk about a posture collar...

Paper Bag Hood

Place a grocery bag over your bottom's head.  Secure it with twine.  Believe it or not, this is effective.  Not to mention makes your bottom feel stupid.

2 Liter Predicament Bondage

Take a two liter bottle.  Fill it with water.  Tie it to your bottom's hair.  (or other sensitive body part.)  This should keep them anchored.

Sock Bondage

Cut two holes through the toe of a sock.  Run a long cord through them.  Put the bottom's hands through the socks.  Secure the socks with cuffs made from a leather belt.

Office Mat Thumper

Roll a 1' by 3' piece of office floor protection matting into a long tube.  Secure with rubber bands and electrical tape.  Cover about six inches of the bottom with 2 or more layers of a section of stretched out bicycle inner tube. 

(More to be added as I remember them)

* The Iron Dom Contest was held March 15th at the Scenery in Hayward, and there were nine contestants.  Each contestant was given a bag of items, and two hours to make something usable out of the items.  Then, they were given a stunt bottom (gender determined by luck of the draw) and had to do a ten minute scene in front of an audience and a panel of judges.  To their credit, no one grandstanded and everyone did really well.  The crowd loved it.  The judges and tops had fun, and the bottoms learned that our bay area tops are really, really, inventive. 

We'll be doing this again next year, and bringing you the results of the most effective toys.  (Well, the ones that Domina remembers, anyway.)

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