Domina's Shopping and Home Manufacturing Tips

Clips and Clamps

Clips and clamps are among the easiest toys to find cheaply. Look in your hardware stores, your domestic department, your office supply stores, etc. Try these items out on your own hand for a preview of how they are going to feel to your sub. The web between your thumb and first finger is a good place. Just remember, that this area is tougher than the areas of your sub you are probably clamping.

Spring type clothespins are the number one clipping toy, and are found in almost everyone's toy chests. These are easily found in all sizes in any department store. They can be loosened up a bit by clamping them on your headboard or some other item that will hold the jaws wide apart. If you want them a particular color, spray paint them. All sorts of other clips and clamps are available, just shop with imagination. Office supply stores are a treasure trove. Just be careful of the tightness of these items. You don't want to damage your sub.

Like all toys that can cut off circulation or cause nerve damage, you MUST remember to not leave them on for long periods and to check them often for any signs that they are really doing damage. LISTEN to your sub if they complain of any numbness or tingling. These are NOT good signs and mean that you should remove these things fast. The majority of the sensation is going to come on removal, anyway. Returning circulation is the rush, here.

Clothespin zippers are very easy. You need about six or so clothespins (any type with a central spring will do) and a length of string. If you are using wooden clothespins, you want to grind them down until they are flat at the top (take out the V at the top, in otherwords.) The just put a knot in the string so it won't go through, string a clothespin on it
through the spring, and put a knot on the other side to keep it in place. Then neasure off about two-three inches and put in another knot. String another clothespin, and just repeat until you have them all strung. If you want to paint the clothespins, do it before you string them. You can make it pretty if you use colored twine.

Toys You Can Find in MOST Kitchens

Certain males who never cook will, of course, not have these items in their kitchens. Women, like DommeZilla, who depend on meals supplied at pricey restaurants from subs, won't have them, either. Most of the rest of us will have at least most of them.

  • Wooden spoons: These are nice, light, percussive toys. Come in various weights.
  • Pancake Turner: Usually metal, so be careful how you use it. Another percussive toy. Comes in various sizes.
  • Wire whisk: Light metal wire and so fun to use lightly on genitals. Comes in various sizes and weights. Light weight is preferred. LIGHT use is the key.
  • Rubber spatula: Nice, stingy, percussive toy. Enjoy it.
  • Saran Wrap: Great for bondage, especially mummification and can come in colors!. Remember, DON'T use it around the head.
  • White Paraffin Emergency Candles: These are the best candles for hot wax scenes. Use precautions under hot wax and a lot of common sense.
  • Back Scratchers-nice percussive rod, and nice scratchy scratcher
  • The Old Fashioned Long Plastic Shoe Horns. Nice percussive little thing, usually VERY cheap
  • Dish Washing Sponges on a Handle-nice scratchy on one side, spongy on the other-nice sensation toy

Keep Checking Back. I'll Add More as I Think of Them

More Toys You Can Find in MOST Kitchens

by Victorya

Hi! I am a Domme, a chef, and have lots of interesting ideas for toys from the kitchen.

1. Pizza Peel (it's a large board, looks like a paddle) makes a great big paddle, and totally deniable as well.
2. Wire whisks come in a variety of sizes and weights. There are tiny ones for beating eggs, they are usually really cheap (under a dollar) and make aiming at small bits much easier.
3. Vegetable brushes are fun and cheap. You can even get them on a handle, usually sold as a dish brush, for a relatively cheap price.
4. Wooden stirrers, not spoons, with a hole in them...interesting percussion.
5. Paraffin for canning is also good, and deniable if you happen to DO canning.
6. And those rubber rings for the canning jars fit nicely over certain parts of anatomy.
7. There are also plastic versions of the wooden spoon, they are very nice, and best of all, easy to can pop them into the dishwasher! (note from Domina--the dishwasher is not a sterilizer. Please disinfect toys in other ways, though this is fine for washing them.)
8. Tongs can be fun if you like pinching...use em with a rubber band for a clamp.
9. There is a bamboo brush that is used to cleaning a wok...this can be fun as well....scritchy...
10. strawberry hullers, while not common (they are little metal flat tweezers) are also fun, really cheap, and a pair with two rubber bands make interesting clamps.
11. tomato sharks give interesting scritchy sensations. It's a small metal tool, a handle about 5 inches long or so, with a circle of metal at the end, with teeth sticking out of it. The circle is domed press this into the tomato and twist to remove the stem from the tomato. Might draw blood if you do this on a person. Well, that's all for now.

We Want Your Ideas and New Products!

If you have ideas for any new D/s implements, please send them to us. If we decide to put it into production, we'll send you one for free, and one for a friend. If you make D/s toys and would like to sell them through us, please send email to Domina and we'll be happy to look at what you have and come up with a proposition. We are always looking for new items. And, if we like what you have, we'd be happy to recommend your stuff to the retailers that we do business with ourselves.