Domina's Shopping and Home Manufacturing Tips

Locking Wrist Cuffs

You can make cuffs out of leather you buy in Tandy. A set of wrist cuffs doesn't take a huge amount of leather and just requires a leather punch a razor knife, and a hammer and hard surface as tools.

You will need about 9-10" of leather for each cuff, about 2" wide. If you are making them for a female sub, you can make them shorter. What you actually need, is the wrist measurement, plus about 3" If you are going to line them, you might want to add another inch.

You will also need the two part rivets, the hasp (?) part of a lock set (what I mean is the part with the ring sticking up that you pull the other piece over then padlock.)

Use rather heavy leather for this, otherwise, the hasp is going to unbalance them and they will be uncomfortable. All you have to do, is set the padlock down on one end, measure where the holes are, punch the holes, and fasten the padlock down with rivets.

Do this on each cuff. Then, measure them on your sub, and cut a slit for the hasp to come through, and fasten them with padlocks.

Voila! Locking cuffs, custom sized.

You can also add a D ring, anywhere you like by simply using a small piece of leather as a strap to hold it on......and riveting it down on either side of the d ring. These rivets are pretty secure.

I usually use rabbit fur scraps to line mine with, and I use leather that is a bit heavier than your usual belt leather. So far, I haven't seen it stretch much.

I don't recommend these cuffs for suspended bondage They don't offer enough padding for that, even lined. 

MstrsMntrx's Ball Vice made by her Slave Sirgntlman

First.. this is important Use at your own discretion. This is a great device for mind games, but can be a real ball breaker

Go to local co-polymer dealer, plastics in yellow pages. Have two half inch thick pieces of LUXENE (note from Domina--Lexan?)cut six inch by 5 inch do not use plexiglass - will break - BAD THING!

On one plate centered at the end, one and a quarter inch back from edge drill a hole for a quarter inch bolt. On the opposite end of the plate drill two holes for three sixteenth bolts, pull the top plate to the side, place balls in, scrotum through guide pins bring plate back around, slide down guide pins till snug, spin wing nut down.

As you slowly turn wingnut, slave physically and visually becomes aware of his terrible

Other things can be added such as washers, rubber gaskets over guide pin hols to keep scrotum meat from being pinched. And a metal guide ring in reciprocating hole for quarter inch bolt, but these are just refinements. I like to place this on my slave and slowly tighten to a pleasing point and while he's dwelling on that I switch to another form of tease or torture coming back to vice to screw down slightly on occasion.. Real mind trip!

Question on Procedure: This might be a silly question....but is he Upright when you attach it...? Or....turned over? I mean..where do the *other* parts go..?

His cock goes above the vice, he's sitting, laying, or standing

Photo by Sirgntlman




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