Quickie Strap On Harness

From Gadgette as posted on DOMestic.
Used by permission

May I offer a "quickie" suggestion in the meantime?

I really didn't want to go for a nice leather jobbie, what with all the bodily fluids, lubes, etc... so I used a different approach. This is custom fitted in minutes, cheap , and REAL easy to surprise a nervous novice with.

Start with a length of cording about 3 times your waist measurement. Fold it in half. Then, starting at the folded end, tie a simple overhand knot about every three to six inches down the entire length of the rope. What you should have at this point is intended to be fastened around your waist like a belt. The purpose of the knots is to give you slide-proof attachment points for the next step. Sort of like: ====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====
I really wish I could draw this freehand instead of describe it... it's so much easier to explain that way... sigh...

Anyway, the next step is to take three lengths of SOFT cording. I start with a yard or so each, and cut the excess off once I "size up" my prey. Take an ordinary cockring, I prefer rubber, but metal will work. Fold the three soft cords in half... and attach each to the cockring with a lark's head knot. Now, take two of the three doubled cords, and bring them up across your tummy to meet the "belt" you fashioned around your waist. Tie them lightly an equal distance from your belly button,placing the ring by approximating the "height" from which you wish your "cock" to "hang". The third pair will be split to go between your thighs, on around the backs of your thighs, and outward and back up along the sides of your hips... quite similar to the way a "jock-strap" is positioned. Now, slip an appropriately sized latex dong or vibe through the cockring. Voila! Instant personalized pecker! Then, once your sub is arranged in a position comfortable for you, you can "fine tune" the lengths of cord to an exact positioning for comfortable penetration. Practice is the only way to figure this out for your specific case. Make sure you go back and retighten the cords before you start playing. One more thing! Depending on how rambunctious you get, or the duration of the play, if your skin is naked under this arrangement chafing may become an issue. As I take the position that being clothed is a privilege, I use this arrangement over a garment... but if you prefer the au natural state, perhaps a handtowel nearby to slip underneath just in case would suffice?



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