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We are proud to have over sixteen years of selling toys and bringing information to the BDSM Community.  Thank you all for your support.  

We're going to be carrying ON THE WEBSITE ONLY some items made by Real Dungeons! We're starting with the Nipple Tree which is evil incarnate. Domina highly approves, so you know it's bad. You can see it in the Catalog under "Nasty Things."

We also have a new item in our vegan toys.  Dirty Little Cowgirl is making vinyl floggers for us.  These are really wonderful, and we're proud to feature them. Domina also found vegan quirts. They are nylon with a rubber cracker. Take a look at these!

Since we sold all our floggers at Folsom Street, we are working hard to make a new supply. Lee has been working his butt off (okay his butt is already flat) and managed to make about twenty since Folsom. He's still working on more, so keep checking back. Domina is hoping he'll get to at least fifty before he levels off his productivity. These are just lovely, and we sold a few in LA last weekend. Domina still has to make another run to the Hide House in Napa (they are out of Moose), but we should have Moose back in stock really soon.


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We've got a lot of new items, so take a look.   If you have any questions on any items, please call Domina at 510 917 1862.  Domina is bad about answering her cell phone.  She's been known to hide it.  (Really!)  So if she doesn't answer, leave a message.  (Remember, we're on Pacific Time, and be kind as far as the time you call.  Between 9:00 am and 5:00 PM would be best.)  

We do not at this time do special orders.   Lee has a day job, and our house is still being (very) slowly renovated.  We're hoping to finish the dungeon over this weekend.  We can't guarantee that a special order will be made in a reasonable length of time so we just aren't doing them.

Quality toys for discriminating adults, at a reasonable price

Brought to you by your hosts, Domina, Meryl, and Feynman,  from House Corwyn,  (and a wonderful group of independent crafters and friends like Sir Christopher, Dirty Little Cowgirl, Deck of Art, Rosie, Auntie Cynthia and Yoyo.)

Tibi gratias agimus quod nihil fumas!

Keep checking the Catalog as Domina keeps adding sales.  She loves playing with the shopping cart.  You never know what might end up on special.

If you have a new group, or my listing for your group is incorrect, please let me know.  Email me at 
Weblady at Frugaldomme.com

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